Railway Police retrieve Rs5 lakh gold suitcase

The Railway Police Help Desk Station at Lahore Railway Station has demonstrated commendable integrity by facilitating the secure retrieval of a passenger’s bag, which contained gold valued at five lakh rupees. This incident serves as an inspiring illustration of honesty.

The occurrence transpired while Omar Maskin, accompanied by his family, was travelling from Karachi to Lahore on the Tezgam Express. Inadvertently, he inadvertently neglected to retrieve his suitcase when disembarking at Lahore Railway Station during a transfer.

After becoming aware of the error, Omar Maskin expeditiously notified the Railway Police Help Desk Station on the misplaced bag.

The bag was seized by the Railway Police and thereafter placed under protective custody. A comprehensive examination was then carried out in order to ascertain the contents of the bag.

The Railway Police promptly initiated efforts to identify the lawful possessor of the bag by utilising the school books discovered therein.


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