Train Classes

On this page you will get all the details about the available train classes on which you can travel according to your requirements. These classes of trains are AC sweeper class, Ac Popular class, AC Business class, Ac Standard class, First class Sleeper, Economy class and Second class.

Train Classes In Pakistan

Following is the list of available classes of train in Pakistan. You can travel in these classes according to your requirements.

Serial #Class CodeClass Name
1ACSLAC Sleeper
2PCAC Parlour Car
3ACLZAC Business
4ACLAC Standard
5ISLFirst Class Sleeper
6ECEconomy Class
7SECSecond Class

Pakistan Express Train Timing Faisalabad to Karachi

Train Classes

Departure TimeFares (Economy)Fares (AC Lower)Fares (AC Sleeper)Fares (AC Business)Destination Arrival Time
Shalimar Express8:05 AMRs. 1,310Rs. 2,79012:40 AM
Pakistan Express1:25 PMRs. 1,1207:20 AM
Millat Express3:30 PMRs. 1,110Rs. 3,7308:40 AM
Karakoram Express6:05 PMRs. 1,680Rs. 4,7609:40 AM


Train Classes

Karachi express train ticket price | Timing | Fares

Train Station NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeFares (Economy)Fares (AC Sleeper)Fares (AC Lower)
Karachi Cantt5:00 PM
Hyderabad Junction7:05 PM7:13 PMRs. 380Rs. 1,200Rs. 630
Nawabshah Junction8:32 PM8:34 PMRs. 530Rs. 1,730Rs. 880
Rohri Junction11:10 PM11:35 PMRs. 660Rs. 2,650Rs. 1,280
Bahawalpur4:24 AM4:26 AMRs. 1,120Rs. 4,270Rs. 2,360
Multan Cantt5:50 AM6:10 AMRs. 1,220Rs. 4,620Rs. 2,540
Khanewal Junction6:53 AM6:55 AMRs. 1,310Rs. 4,750Rs. 2,720
Sahiwal8:34 AM8:36 AMRs. 1,440Rs. 5,250Rs. 2,970
Raiwind Junction10:10 AM10:15 AMRs. 1,500Rs. 5,720Rs. 3,210
Kot Lakhpat10:47 AM10:49 AMRs. 1,550Rs. 5,770Rs. 3,220
Lahore Junction11:25 AMRs. 1,550Rs. 5,820Rs. 3,260
Multan to Karachi train timing | Multan to Karachi train fare
Name of Train
Departure TimeFares (Economy)Fares (AC Lower)Fares (AC Business)Destination Arrival Time
Awam Express1:08 AMRs. 910Rs. 2,3406:35 PM
Bahauddin Zakria Express4:00 PMRs. 860Rs. 2,220Rs. 2,9107:30 AM
Tezgam7:30 PMRs. 930Rs. 2,440Rs. 3,3109:55 AM
Shalimar Express11:25 AMRs. 1,110Rs. 2,30012:25 AM
Pakistan Express5:25 PMRs. 9507:15 AM
Khyber Mail2:13 PMRs. 910Rs. 2,340Rs. 3,0605:10 AM
Karachi Express10:10 PMRs. 1,220Rs. 2,540Rs. 3,67011:15 AM
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