Pakistan Railway e ticketing

Pakistan Railway e ticket details are available here. With all other institutions in the world in Pakistan, there are many institutions that are using the latest technologies to improve their yield. By doing this many popular institutions as well as many government or nongovernment companies have claimed a high applause rank in Pakistan. Pakistan railway is one of those institutions which is growing rapidly at a maximum pace. Furthermore, Pak Railway is stepping forward to the peak of glory by introducing the latest and modern technologies. Time is the most valuable object in this age of fast and furious life. Every individual struggles to save his or her time in all time so that he or she may go for his or her next task.

Pakistan Railway e Ticket | Pakistan Railway Online Booking App

In past the buying a Pakistan railway ticket Online was a difficult task. The procedure for this job was monotonous people used to stand in a queue for a long time and on their turn, they pay the required money and in this way, they found their ticket after too much effort. This time it looks very odd because people now don’t bother to do it for a railway ticket because modern technology has provided them with so many luxuries that they demand more facilities in every field of life. Pakistan railways e-ticket system & Pakistan railways booking ticket is also a part of this chain.

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Current Minister Of Pakistan Railway

The CEO of Pakistan Railways is Farrukh Taimuri, and the present Minister is Mr. Khwaja Saad Rafique (SR General Manager). At the moment, it has 1 subsidiary and 6 departments.
The Pakistan Railways Vision 2026 initiative was also introduced by the Ministry of Railways, and it promises to boost PR’s transportation market share in Pakistan from 4% to 20%. This plan proposes brand-new upgrades, locomotives, and innovations. The International Union of Railways, plays a significant and active role.

Pakistan Railways e Ticketing System

This system enhances the credibility of Pakistan Railways. Along with many other positive reforms in Pakistan railways like premium green line trains, electrical signal systems, automatic gate systems, etc. Now by using this online railway ticket booking facility the people of Pakistan can buy or hire a ticket for any train at any time from anywhere. They can check the fair from different stops to other stops. Also, they can make their further schedule according to their timetable even without visiting the railway station. In this way, they can save precious time. On this page, the jobs related to e-ticket of the railway are also available.

Pakistan Railway e ticketing

Railway booking

Pakistan Railway online Ticket Booking

Now it is very easy for every person to book a ticket. Pakistan railway has announced the PakRail online booking system. Now you can book your desired train ticket online and don’t have to go anywhere. The process is very simple. First of all, you have to get yourself registered on the official website of Pakistan railway. Then after that, you have to verify your account by verifying your mobile number which you entered at the time of registration.

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Pakistan Railway Time Table 2023

Today’s Train Timings 15Up – Karachi Express ( Karachi Cantt – Lahore Jn. )

Station Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
Karachi Cantt 4:30 PM 00h 00m
Hyderabad 6:48 PM 6:40 PM 02h 10m
Nawabshah 8:16 PM 8:14 PM 01h 26m
Rohri 11:35 PM 11:10 PM 02h 54m
Bahawalpur 3:56 AM 3:54 AM 19h 41m
Multan Cantt 5:30 AM 5:25 AM 01h 29m
Khanewal Jn 5:35 AM 5:15 AM 00h 15m
Sahiwal 7:01 AM 6:59 AM 01h 24m
Raiwind 8:30 AM 8:25 AM 01h 24m
Kot Lakhpat 8:56 AM 8:54 AM 00h 24m
Lahore Jn. 9:30 AM 00h 34m

Today’s Train Timings 127 Up Mehar Express ( Multan Cantt – Rawalpindi )

The mehar express starts its journey from Multan cantt station. The train takes a total of 36 stops. The total duration is 14 Hours 7 & 55 minutes. The complete schedule is mentioned below. You can also check the Pakistan Railway E Ticket booking system for mehar express from this page.

Station Name Departure Time Arrival Time Total Duration
Multan Cantt 3:40 PM 12:00 AM 00h 00m
Sher Shah 3:58 PM 3:56 PM 00h 18m
Muzaffargarh 4:16 PM 4:14 PM 00h 18m
Budh 4:34 PM 4:33 PM 00h 18m
Mahmud Kot 4:50 PM 4:48 PM 00h 16m
Gurmani 5:02 PM 5:00 PM 00h 12m
Sanawan 5:18 PM 5:16 PM 00h 16m
Kot Adu 5:50 PM 5:40 PM 00h 32m
Daira Dinpanah 6:03 PM 6:01 PM 00h 13m
Ahsanpur 6:16 PM 6:14 PM 00h 13m
Kot Sultan 6:49 PM 6:47 PM 00h 15m
Leiah 7:05 PM 7:00 PM 00h 16m
Karor 7:34 PM 7:32 PM 00h 29m
Behal 7:56 PM 7:54 PM 00h 22m
Bhakkar 8:30 PM 8:25 PM 00h 34m
Darya Khan 9:02 PM 9:00 PM 00h 32m
Kallur Kot 10:10 PM 10:08 PM 01h 08m
Piplan 10:42 PM 10:40 PM 00h 32m
Alluwali 11:09 PM 11:07 PM 00h 27m
Kindian 11:59 PM 11:40 PM 00h 50m
Mianwali 12:28 AM 12:20 AM 00h 29m
Pai Kel Bp2 12:52 AM 12:50 AM 00h 24m
Daud Khel 1:08 AM 1:00 AM 00h 16m
Makhad Road 1:54 AM 1:52 AM 00h 46m
Injra 2:17 AM 2:15 AM 00h 23m
Chhab 2:41 AM 2:39 AM 00h 24m
Jhamat 3:00 AM 2:58 AM 00h 19m
Jand 3:43 AM 3:41 AM 00h 43m
Nammal 4:04 AM 4:03 AM 00h 21m
Domel 4:19 AM 4:18 AM 00h 15m
Basal 4:32 AM 4:30 AM 00h 13m
Basal Sharif 4:39 AM 4:38 AM 00h 07m
Fateh Jang 5:21 AM 5:19 AM 00h 42m
Tarnoul 5:55 AM 5:53 AM 00h 34m
Golra Sharif 6:11 AM 6:08 AM 00h 16m
Rawalpindi 12:00 AM 6:35 AM 00h 24m

Today’s Train Timings 115Up – Musa Pak Express( Multan Cantt – Lahore Jn. )

Station Name Departure Time Arrival Time Total Duration
Multan Cantt 4:00 PM 00h 00m
Khanewal Jn 4:45 PM 4:43 PM 00h 43m
Mian Channun 5:19 PM 5:17 PM 00h 32m
Sahiwal 6:19 PM 6:17 PM 00h 58m
Okara 6:47 PM 6:45 PM 00h 26m
Pattoki 7:23 PM 7:21 PM 00h 34m
Raiwind 8:00 PM 7:58 PM 00h 35m
Kot Lakhpat 8:26 PM 8:24 PM 00h 24m
Lahore Jn. 9:00 PM 00h 34m

105Up – Rawal Express Today Timings ( Lahore Jn. – Rawalpindi )

Origin Destination Departure Time Arrival Time Total Duration Total Stops
Lahore Jn. Rawalpindi 12:30 AM 4:50 AM 04h 18m 3
Station Name Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
Lahore Jn. 12:30 AM 00h 00m
Chak Lala 4:40 AM 4:38 AM 04h 08m
Rawalpindi 4:50 AM 00h 10m

103Up – Subak Kharam Today Timings ( Lahore Jn. – Rawalpindi )

Origin Destination Departure Time Arrival Time Total Duration Total Stops
Lahore Jn. Rawalpindi 4:30 PM 9:35 PM 04h 53m 8
Station Name Departure Time Arrival Time Total Duration
Lahore Jn. 4:30 PM 00h 00m
Gujranwala 5:27 PM 5:25 PM 00h 55m
Wazirabad Jn 5:57 PM 5:55 PM 00h 28m
Gujrat 6:18 PM 6:16 PM 00h 19m
Lala Musa Jn. 6:47 PM 6:45 PM 00h 27m
Jhelum 7:27 PM 7:25 PM 00h 38m
Chak Lala 9:20 PM 9:18 PM 01h 51m
Rawalpindi 9:35 PM 00h 15m