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Check Karachi Express Train Ticket Price from here. The Karachi Express is a daily passenger train operated by Pakistan Railways between Karachi and Lahore. The journey covers a published route of 1,214 kilometers (754 miles) and takes approximately 18 hours and 30 minutes to travel along the Karachi-Peshawar railway line.

Karachi Express Train History:

The  Karachi Express started operating in 1943 and originally ran between Karachi and Peshawar. Shortly thereafter, the route between Karachi and Lahore was shortened. In 1999, Pakistan Railways started non-stop operation and in Kanpur he made only one stop. By 2003, economy class coaches were added and the train was no longer non-stop. During his PPP regime in Pakistan from 2008 to 2013, rail service was almost completely halted due to shortages of rail cars and locomotives. For most of 2012, the train operated only economy class carriages and was linked with the Millat Express from Khanewal to Karachi. On May 16, 2013, the trains were refurbished with a new train consisting of 10 Economy, 3 AC Business, 2 AC Standard and 1 AC Sleeper. The train route was also changed, and between Karachi and Lahore, instead of the Rodran-Jahanian-Khanewal section, it now runs via the Rodran-Multan-Khanewal section. The train will cover his 1,225-kilometer route between Karachi and Lahore in 18 hours.


The KARACHI EXPRESS train offers passengers the convenience of an economy class cabin. Economy class seats can be converted into a bed for passenger comfort. It also offers its customers catering services. The catering and food facilities provided by Karachi express are completely hygienic. It also has facilities of local retailers through which passengers can pick up food.

Stations and Stops:

  1. Karachi Cantonment Railway Station
  2. Hyderabad Junction Railway Station
  3. Rohri Junction Railway Station
  4. Khanewal Junction Railway Station
  5. Lahore Junction Railway Station

Karachi Express Train Ticket Price

The Karachi express train has different ticket price for different classes for its passengers:

The train ticket price for its economy class seat is 2000

The train ticket price for its economy berth is 2500

The train ticket price for ac business is 3000

Train Numbers:

15UP (Karachi→Lahore) 16DN (Lahore→Karachi

Train Classes:

  • AC Business
  • Economy

Karachi Express Schedule Karachi To Lahore

Stop Arrival Departure
Karachi Cant Start 16;40
Hyderabad Junction 18:45 18:50
Nawabshah 20:15 20:20
Rohri Junction 23:08 23:36
Bahawalpur 03:55 03:58
Khanewal Junction 05:20 05:30
Sahiwal 06:55 07:00
Raiwind 08:30 08:35
Kot Lakpat 08:53 08:57
Lahore Junction 09:40 End

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