Gujranwala To Karachi Train Ticket Price 2024

Check online Gujranwala To Karachi Train Ticket Price from here. Here Ac class economy class ticket price available. Three trains run daily between Karachi and Gujranwala, which is fantastic for travelers. These trains’ prices vary while having various timetables and routes due to the services provided and the traveling class.

The trains that run between Karachi and Gujranwala are known as the Awam Express, Tezgham, and Khyber Mail train. Examine each train’s fare schedule one at a time. The table below includes the list of ticket prices.

Costs for economy class births, seats, and air conditioning range from Rs. 1350 to Rs. The cheaper price for a business class ticket with an air conditioning Ticket for a regular seat is A.C. 3350.

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Gujranwala To Karachi Train Ticket Price 2024

Gujranwala To Karachi Train Ticket Price

Train NameDeparture TimeFares (Economy)Fares (AC Lower)Fares (AC Sleeper)Fares (AC Business)Destination Arrival Time
Awam Express7:00 AMRs: 2750/-Rs: 5800/-N/AN/A8:15 AM
Tezgam5:30 PMRs: 2,750/-Rs: 5800/-N/AN/A2:05 PM
Khyber Mail10:15 PMRs: 2,750/-Rs: 5800/-Rs: 9200/-Rs: 6950/-9:15 PM

Awam Express

The Awam Express train sets off from the Gujranwala railway station at 7:00 in the morning. Upon its journey, it arrives in Karachi the following morning at 8:15 AM. If you choose to travel in the economy class on the Awam Express from Gujranwala to Karachi, the cost for this service is rupees 2750. Please note that this information pertains to the departure time, arrival time, and fare for the economy class on the Awam Express train from Gujranwala to Karachi. Travelers are encouraged to confirm these details and make necessary arrangements for their journey.

Khyber Mail

The Khyber Mail departure time from Gujranwala railway station is 10:15 PM. The train reached its destination at Karachi Junction at 09:15 PM the next day. The Ac business class of Khyber Mail costs rupees 6950 from Gujranwala to Karachi. The Ac lower class Khyber Mail fare from Gujranwala to Karachi is 5800 rupees. Whereas the economy class costs rupees 2750 from Karachi to Gujranwala.

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