Pakistan Railways increases passengers’ insurance coverage

Pakistan Railways has recently increased the insurance coverage for its passengers, raising the amount from Rs1.5 million to Rs2.5 million.

The legal beneficiaries of a passenger who perished in a train accident would receive a compensation of Rs2.5 million.

In the event of a disability, the insurance policy will provide coverage up to a sum of Rs0.3 million.

The agreement between Pakistan Railways and State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan was executed to modify the insurance coverage in the event of casualties and disabilities.

The agreement signing ceremony was attended by Minister for Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafiq, who participated remotely via a video link.

Saad Rafiq instructed senior public relations officials to conduct visits to the residences of individuals who perished in the Nawabshah train accident, with the purpose of ascertaining the rightful beneficiaries in accordance with legal protocols.

He oversaw the distribution of checks to households where the recipients were deceased. Additionally, he oversaw the disbursement of monetary compensation to the injured individuals, ensuring that the funds were delivered directly to their residences.

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