Cambodia Thailand on track with new railway connectivity

The recent establishment of a railway link between Cambodia and Thailand has been widely recognized by transport specialists as a noteworthy advancement that is expected to have positive effects on travel, tourism, and freight transport. This development is anticipated to bring about economic benefits for both nations.

The announcement of the formal connectivity was made by Sin Chanthy, who serves as the president of the Cambodia Logistics Association (CLA), on July 26. In his statement, he emphasized the significant role that this logistics transit line might play for both ASEAN and China.

Chanthy observed that progress was highly expected, particularly within the transportation industry, given that the prevailing mode of transporting goods has predominantly relied on trucks.

Rail transportation is more time-efficient compared to alternative modes of transportation. Moreover, it serves to mitigate road deterioration and concurrently maintains affordable transport costs, he stated.

Chanthy proposed that the implementation of the new railway connection has the potential to facilitate the expansion of trade in Cambodia, hence enabling the exploration of alternative export pathways from Cambodia through Thailand to Laos and China.

In agreement with Chanthy, Chea Chandara, the president of the Logistics and Supply Chain Business Association in Cambodia, provided an elucidation that rail travel not only offers swifter transit times compared to trucking but also presents a more cost-effective alternative to water transport.

The individual emphasized the significance of the transport industry, predicting a decrease in travel costs, time efficiency, and improved economic connectivity between the two nations. The positive effects of this extend beyond freight transportation, encompassing passenger transportation as well as investors.

The railway connection discussed is located at the Khlong Roloek village railway station in the Sa Kaeo province of Thailand. It represents a partnership between Royal Railway Plc, a locally-owned company, and Global Multimodal Logistics Co Ltd, a Thai firm.

During the opening ceremony, John Guiry, the executive director of Royal Railway, underscored the importance of the connection. Guiry highlighted the significance of this infrastructure development, emphasizing its capacity to improve the efficiency of products and logistics transportation throughout the ASEAN area and China.

Additionally, he highlighted the broader advantages, including decreased expenditures on transportation, conservation of energy resources, diminished environmental footprint, and enhanced standards for international commerce.

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