TfGM and Network Rail to Deliver Upgrades at 6 Stations across Manchester and Salford central railway stations

A collaboration agreement has been formed between Network Rail and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) with the aim of implementing upgrades and facilitating regeneration initiatives in the key railway stations of Manchester and Salford.

The objective of this cooperation is to integrate the land and infrastructure under the management of both organizations, with the aim of enhancing connectivity within the Greater Manchester region.

Peter, Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill CBE, the Chairman of Network Rail, expressed

This collaboration between Manchester and Salford represents a significant milestone, as both organizations join together to leverage their respective resources and skills. In collaboration with the Local Authorities, our focus is on prioritizing passengers and train services in infrastructure investment and broader neighborhood enhancements.

Network Rail is the proprietor of more than 90 railway stations located in the Greater Manchester region. Additionally, the transport network managed by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) accommodates a daily volume of over 5.6 million journeys.

This collaboration aims to enhance the respective services of the two organizations in order to effectively address the anticipated demands of the region’s population expansion and economic development.

During the upcoming 12-month period, the organization intends to collaborate with important parties involved in the development of ideas for six stations, including Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Victoria, Manchester Oxford Road, Deansgate, Salford Central, and Salford Crescent.

This endeavor will provide a valuable contribution to the effective implementation of Manchester’s Bee Network, which aims to establish a comprehensive and interconnected public transport system. The objective encompasses the aspiration to achieve comprehensive integration of local rail services by the year 2030.

According to Vernon Everitt, the Transport Commissioner for Greater Manchester,

The dynamic transformations of the urban landscapes in the city centers of Salford and Manchester are indicative of the significant growth experienced by the Greater Manchester region.

The successful implementation of the Bee Network plans, aimed at establishing a fully integrated network, necessitates the evolution of our rail stations and their surrounding areas. This newly formed partnership underscores the shared dedication of Manchester and Salford districts to the realization of a modernized railway system that prioritizes the needs of passengers and local communities.

Pursuant to this agreement, the two entities have pledged to uphold the subsequent principal objectives:

  • The objective is to provide a contemporary, cohesive transport system that is capable of both attracting clientele and fostering a culture of reduced automobile dependency.
  • To ensure the acquisition of supplementary funds and the optimization of commercial development prospects surrounding stations and associated assets, it is imperative to adopt a comprehensive and interconnected strategy.
  • Placemaking is the careful consideration of each station within the community, taking into account its heritage and cultural context, with the aim of delivering broader societal value.
  • In order to achieve a state of net zero carbon emissions, it is imperative to prioritize and place significant emphasis on addressing climate change and the transition toward net zero in the decision-making processes that support the functioning of the stations.
  • Enhance the Accessibility of Stations and Facilitate Seamless Mobility within and beyond the City

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