Notification For Grant of Time Scale BPS-1 to BPS-16 Govt Employers

Are you looking for Notification For Grant of Time Scale BPS-1 to BPS-16 for Govt Employers. Then you are at right page. In decision granting federal time you can learn more about federal notices granting deadlines BPS-1 through BPS-16. The Ministry of Finance of the Government of Pakistan has issued an Office Memorandum on Timescale Policy for Federal Government Employees. This is an explanation of a previous letter on timescale policies from BPS-1 to BPS-16. According to the latest notice on timescales, the Treasury has recognized that:

  1. The undersigned refer to M/o No. 4/33/D-22/2022 dated 30.08.2022 on the above subject and the O.M. , according to Sr.No.”O”
  2. This Office Memorandum also describes irrevocable options BPS-1 through BPS-4, specifically Driver/Dispatch Riders and Superintendent Health Officers.

Notification For Grant of Time Scale BPS-1 to BPS-16:

According to this Office Notice dated September 12, 2022, officials already using this tiered policy or seeking promotion to a higher rank may use this new policy or opt out of the old policy. We recommend that you continue. Irrevocable (irrevocable) options must be waived.

Irrevocable Option for Trained College Teachers:

Graduate professors can choose new timescale policies as needed. But this also gives us irrevocable options. The required period of service begins on the date this irrevocable option is granted. If you offer this option, you will only be eligible for the timescale after 10 years of service. Simply put, their services officially begin on the day they serve the warrant.


The federal government has approved a time scale promotion policy for federal employees from BPS-01 through BPS-16. However, there have been some technical issues, including staff promotions, upgrades, and a few others that have already been requested.

Therefore, this type of employee must be given the irrevocable option to adopt an existing time slot policy or a new time slot policy. Various departments are already asking employees to file irrevocable warrants.

The government should simplify the process as many employees are unaware of the benefits of the old and new timescale promotions.

Notification For Grant of Time Scale BPS-1 to BPS-16 Govt Employers

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