Gujrat To Rawalpindi Train Timings & Ticket Prices

Recently, it has become simpler and more reliable to travel from Gujarat to Rawalpindi or Islamabad. information regarding train prices between Gujrat and Rawalpindi. From Gujarat to Rawalpindi, numerous passenger trains operate daily over numerous routes. The cost of these trains varies according to the class of service. The rates for this trip are listed below in detail, based on the most current ticket price.

Rawalpindi to Gujrat daily trains include the Awam Express, Khyber Mail, Jaffar Express, Pakistan Express, Rawalpindi Express, Subak Kharram, Subak Raftar, and Tezgam Express.

The railway pricing table indicates that all trains leaving Rawalpindi station and heading to Gujrat station in Pakistan have the same charge. comprehensive and detailed information on Pakistani train fares and ticket pricing. air conditioning in first-class sleeping accommodations, business-class sleeping accommodations, and economy-class transportation Cheaper flights from Rawalpindi to Gujarat. This data was painstakingly compiled from reliable sources, but as human error is always a possibility, it should only be used as a general reference. Please call the nearest train booking office for the most recent and accurate fare information. You can buy train tickets online.

Gujrat To Rawalpindi Train Ticket Prices

rain Name Economy Seat Economy Birth A.C Business A.C Standard Parlor Car A.C Sleeper
Awam Express 950/- 1100/- 1000/-
Jaffar Express 1200/- 1350/- 1250/- 1050/- 1850/-
Khyber Mail 1250/- 1400/- 1150/- 1000/- 1750/-
Pakistan Express 1250/- 600/- 1150/- 1000/-
Subak Kharram 1250/- 1400/- 1000/- 950/- 1300/-
Subak Raftar 1200/- 1150/- 1150/- 800/- 1150/-
Sir Syed Express 1300/- 1150/- 1250/- 1050/- 1850/-
Tezgam Express 1300/- 850/- 1250/- 1050/- 1850/-

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