Karachi To Shorkot Train Timing Fare & online Booking

Details on the Pakistan Railway’s tariff schedule and the cost of a ticket from Karachi Railway Station to Shorkot Cant JN. Numerous express and passenger trains travel along various Pakistan Railways lines from Karachi to Shorkot Cant. varied classes have varied ticket prices and rail fares. Every day, trains from Karachi to Shorkot Cant travel on the Millat Express, Shalimar Express, Hazara Express, and Pakistan Express routes.

According to the most recent fare table published by Pakistan Railway, these are the train fare details for the express passenger trains running between Karachi Cantt and Shorkot Cant. Price of a full-fare rail ticket in Pakistan At the Karachi railway station, the detailed timetable for the economy class seat, economy birth, air-conditioned class, AC business, AC standard, AC lower, and AC sleeper is available.

All trains departing from Karachi Cantt Station and arriving at Pakistan’s Shorkot Cant Jn Station are priced according to the table below. Information that is complete and in-depth regarding Pakistani train fares and ticket prices. Price of tickets for first class sleeper, business class, standard class, economy class, parlour class, and lower class with air conditioning from Karachi to Shorkot Cant. We carefully compile this information from credible sources, but as human error is always a possibility, it should only be used as a guide. For the most up-to-date and exact fare, please contact a nearby railway booking office. Train tickets can be purchased online.

Karachi To Shorkot Train Fare

Train Name Economy Seat Economy Birth A.C Business A.C Standard A.C Parlor
Hazara Express 2950/- 3150/- 3900/-
Millat Express 2950/- 3150/- 5250/- 3900/-
Pakistan Express 2000/- 3100/-

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