Shah Hussain Express Train Karachi Lahore Schedule Ticket Price

Check Shah Hussain Express Train Karachi to Lahore Schedule from here. Furthermore check the Ticket Price of Shah Hussain Train. Shah Hussain Express previously known as Night Coach Express. The train is a passenger train. Shah Hussain Train is operated daily between Karachi and Lahore by Railway of Pakistan.

As we all know in Pakistan there are three types of transportation available for every one to travel. First one is name as water transport second one is air transport. While the third is name as land transport. When we talk about land transport there are two types of transportation. First is by bus while second one is by Rail. There are numerous trains which are operated in all over Pakistan. If you are looking for the schedule of Shah Hussain Express Train. Then you come across right place. Shah Hussain Express Train 44DN travels from Karachi Cantt to Lahore.

Shah Hussain Express Train Timings

Stop Arrival Departure
Karachi Cant Start 07:00 P.M
Hyderabad Jn 09:15 P.M 09:20 P.M
Rohri Jn 01:10 A.M 01:30 A.M
Bahawalpur 06:03 A.M 06:05 A.M
Multan Cant 07:25 A.M 07:45 A.M
Khanewal 08:26 A.M 08:28 A.M
Faisalabad 10:50 A.M 10:55 A.M
Lahore Jn 01:10 P.M End
Stop Arrival Departure
Lahore Jn Start 07:00 P.M
Faisalabad 09:00 P.M 09:05 P.M
Khanewal 11:33 P.M 11:35 P.M
Multan Cant 12:25 A.M 12:45 A.M
Bahawalpur 02:11 A.M 02:13 A.M
Rohri Jn 06:45 A.M 07:05 A.M
Hyderabad Jn 11:10 A.M 11:15 A.M
Landhi Jn 12:58 P.M 01:00 P.M
Karachi Cant 01:40 P.M End

Shalimar express train Schedule

Shah Hussain Express Train

Train Timings  Schedule

Station Name Arrival Departure
Lahore 19:00
Faisalabad 21:00 21:05
Khanewal 23:33 23:35
Multan Cantt 00:25 00:45
Bahawalpur 02:11 02:13
Rohri 06:45 07:05
Hyderabad 11:10 11:15
Landhi 12:58 13:00
Karachi Cantt 13:40

Total number of stops are 9 on which the train stop during the journey from Lahore to Karachi Cantt. The name of these stops are Faisalabad, Khanewal, Multan Cantt, Bahawalpur,  Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, Lahore and Karachi Cantt.

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