Passenger Trains Of Pakistan | Train Classes

Here in this post we will describe all Passenger Trains Of Pakistan. Here Train Classes details are available. Pakistan is a developing country. Since partition it has been facing countless challenges .increase in population is one of these major problems. This problem has burdened the other available transportation sources. To travel form one place to other people need affordable transportation means.

In ancient times people used various means to meet this need but with the passage of time man has made remarkable progress in almost every field of life and transportation is also one of the field of transportation many new inventions have revolutionized the means of transportation. With the invention of wheel man has learnt to complete their journey fast and safe. Afterwards diesel engine has shifted this wheel to another dimension. Railway is one of its best examples.

Passenger Trains Of Pakistan

The name of the passenger trains are mention below.

  • Akbar Bugti Express
  • Allama iqbal express
  • Awam express
  • Attock express
  • Babu passenger
  • Babar express
  • Bahawalpur express
  • Rawalpindi express
  • Jaffar Express
  • Tezgam Express
  • Karachi express

In Pakistan railway is playing vital role in the field of transportation. Daily hundreds of trains move from one place to the other to facilitate the passengers. In Pakistan railway system was introduced by East India Company in post partition era to fulfill the need of time. These trains were at that time used for transportation of man power from Asia to Europe and it also was used to shift the looted treasures form subcontinent to European states. Beside these trains were also used to shift the letters of post form one place to another. It was the best available source of transportation at that time when it was on its best. After partition, to control the system of Pakistan railways a separate institute was formed under the name of Pakistan Railways. Its head quarter was established in Lahore. It is supervised by a Federal minister with a secretary and other staff. Though it could not make remarkable progress after the partition because the government of Pakistan could not ménage the trains and the number of trains has now been reduced to the amount almost half of the original one. This department has faced numerous challenges and facilitates the people to migrate from India to Pakistan and Pakistan to India at the time of partition. Due to these services rail keeps a historical importance in both of the countries Pakistan and India.

Train Classes

Pakistan railways offer different services to facilitate the passengers at their best.  These trains offer three different classes for their travelers the first one is business class in which AC sleepers are available to take rest during a long journey. The other is economy class which offers comparatively low prices than that of business class. Normally people use these classes to travel because they feel that this type of journey is in their range.paksitan railways also offer berths for its travelers so that they can have some rest while traveling a long distance. Furthermore it has been providing freight services too. In this service luggage or heavy items of daily usages can be shifted from one place to the other. There are some international roots also available by which trade is done with different countries. For example we import different vegetables form Iran, sometime we import different edibles from India by train. These trains also provide traveling facilitates to passengers who want to travel from one country to the other.

There are some routes which are used for the transportation of fuel like coal for power houses like Hydro power plant Qadirabad Sahiwal and some of these trains are used to shift vegetable oil or oil used for fuel in different parts of the country.

Present situation Of Pakistan railway

To portray the present situation of Pakistan railway it not wrong to say that Pakistan railway is now breathing its last. While in other countries it is considered as the best transportation for public in very reasonable expenses but in Pakistan due to many issues like corruption and non-seriousness this system is complaining about its officers for its worst condition. Though a few trains are added in the list still it has timing issues. People have to wait a lot to board a train. If the administration wants to improve its condition then it should take very serious steps. Many of the trains which were originated by British are no more exist in Pakistan railway set up due to unavailability of funds due to which a lot of poor people of those cities are bound to use other means of transportation which causes a huge loss to this nation asset. Currently there are three different lines of Pakistan railways are working in Pakistan.

Passenger Trains Routes

This project is also known as ML1 from Karachi to Peshawar and ML2 from kotri to Attock. ML3 Rohri to chaman line, ML4 Quetta to taftan and ML5 from taxila to khunjrab. These are the major lines on which passengers trains serve the people of those cities come on their ways day and night. The second impotent line is Branch line which runs in different cities and the third one is Passenger trains. The Passenger Trains Of Pakistan route is different for winter & summer.

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