Pakistan Railways announces increase in train fares

On Wednesday, Pakistan Railways made an official announcement regarding a ten per cent increment in the rates of all trains. This decision was prompted by a significant rise in gasoline costs.

According to a notification released by the railway authorities, an increase in fares has been implemented for all categories of coaches in both passenger trains and shuttle trains. The revised pricing will be implemented starting on August 17th.

The fee for the Karachi to Shikarpur route has experienced an increment of Rs200, resulting in a new price of Rs1,600. Similarly, the ticket price for the Mehr route from Karachi has risen to Rs1,400 following an increase of Rs100.

The interim administration of Pakistan implemented a price hike of petroleum goods, raising them by a maximum of Rs20 per litre, in response to the escalating global oil pricing.

The price of petrol has experienced an increase of Rs17.50 per litre, but high-speed diesel (HSD) has seen a rise of Rs20 per litre.

The prices of petroleum on the global market have experienced an upward trend during the past two weeks. According to a statement issued by the Finance Division on Tuesday, the revision of consumer prices in Pakistan is being implemented as a consequence.

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