Lahore To Sukkur Train Ticket Price 2024

Check online Lahore To Sukkur Train Ticket Price 2024 from here. Numerous trains operate the Lahore to Sukkur route. The Sukkur express is the most well-known of all these trains.

The Sukkur Express Train is one of the more traditional means of transportation between Jacobabad and Karachi. Due to the late departure timings and affordable fares, it is one of Pakistan Railways’ most well-liked train routes.

When the train first began operating, it was known as the Sukkur Express and only operated between Karachi and Sukkur. Later, and it still does now, the route was extended all the way to Jacobabad.

Lahore To Sukkur Train Ticket Price 2024

The Sukkur Express had previously provided lodging in the Economy, AC Lower, AC Standard, and AC Sleeper classes. However, later on, only AC Standard and Economy lodging options were provided, therefore the following ticket prices are applicable.

  • The cost of Ac standard for Sukkur express is rupees 1850.
  • The economy berth cost rupees 850 for Sukkur express.

Lahore To Shorkot Train Ticket Price 2024

Train NameDeparture TimeFares (Economy)Fares (AC Lower)Fares (AC Sleeper)Fares (AC Business)Destination Arrival Time
Akbar Express5:00 PMRs. 970N/aRs. 1,570N/a6:45 AM
Jaffar Express2:40 PMRs. 1,310Rs. 2,670Rs. 3,770Rs. 2,9603:45 AM

Pakistan Railway Contact Details

Company Name
Pakistan Railway
Contact Number+92519218515
Address4th Floor, Block D Pak. Secretariat · Islamabad


How much does a train ticket from Lahore to Sukkur cost?

  • The train ticket price from Lahore to Sukkur varies based on the class of travel you choose. Generally, prices range from [provide approximate lowest and highest values] for different classes like economy and business. For exact pricing, it’s recommended to check with the railway authorities or online booking platforms.

2. Are there discounts available for children or senior citizens on Lahore to Sukkur train tickets?

  • Yes, discounts are often available for children and senior citizens. Children below a certain age may receive a discounted fare, and senior citizens may be eligible for concessions as well. However, these discounts can vary, so it’s advisable to inquire about the specific terms and conditions when purchasing tickets.

3. Can I book Lahore to Sukkur train tickets online, and are there any additional charges for online booking?

  • Yes, you can conveniently book Lahore to Sukkur train tickets online through various platforms. Online booking may come with a small service fee or transaction charge, so it’s recommended to check the booking website for any additional costs. Online booking offers a convenient way to secure your tickets without visiting a physical ticket counter.

4. What amenities are included in the train ticket price for the Lahore to Sukkur journey?

  • The train ticket price usually includes the cost of your journey and basic amenities depending on the class of travel. Amenities may include comfortable seating, air-conditioning, and access to restroom facilities. Higher-class tickets may offer additional services like meals on board. It’s advisable to check with the railway authorities or the specific train service provider for detailed information on amenities included in your ticket price.

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