Kohat Express Train Ticket Price Fare Schedule Online Booking

We will share all the details about Kohat Express Train. Here details about Ticket Price Fare Schedule & Online Booking available. Kohat train is a fast express passenger train. The Pakistan Railway given Kohat Express the numbers 133 UP and 134 DN.  The Kohat Express travels from Kohat to Rawalpindi on the daily basis. The train that runs from Rawalpindi to Kohat Cantt is 133 UP and the train that travels from Kohat Cantt to Rawalpindi is 134 DN.  The train covers a distance of 177 Km in 4 hours and 45 minutes. The Kohat Express has only the economy class in it.

Kohat Express Train Ticket price:

The ticket price of Kohat Express is 230/Rs from Rawalpindi to Kohat and the same is from Kohat to Rawalpindi. The Kohat Express also offers the internet service at the rate of 160-180/Rs.

Kohat Train Timings:

The Kohat train that travel from Rawalpindi to Kohat Cantt is 133 UP. The train start its journey at 3:30 pm afternoon from Rawalpindi and reaches to its destination Kohat Cantt at 7:45 pm evening on daily basis.

Kohat Train Stops and stations:

The Kohat train totally stops at almost 11 stations named as Golra Sharif, Tarnoul, Fatehjang, Kahal, Basal Sharif, Basal Domel, Jand, Babari BandaGolra Sharif and reaches to Kohat Cantt. The Kohat train is completely managed and operated by the Pakistan Railways.

Rawalpindi To Kohat Schedule:

Stop Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Rawalpindi Start 15:30
Golra Sharif 15:49 15:51
Tarnoul 16:00 16:02
Fateh Jang 16:30 16:31
Kahal 17:23 17:23
Basal Sharif 17:31 17:32
Basal Jn 17:38 17:40
Domel 17:45 17:47
Jand Jn 18:33 18:35
Babari Banda 19:44 19:47
Kohat Cantt 20:15 End

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