Iraq Iran pursue rail link project

According to officials, Iraq and its neighbouring country Iran are making progress in their joint endeavour to construct a railway system that will connect their respective border regions. This development was announced on Monday.

According to the sources, it has been reported that the proposed railway network is anticipated to cover a distance of approximately 36 kilometres, connecting the Basra Governorate in Southern Iraq with the Iranian border town of Shalamcheh.

According to Younus Al-Kaabi, the Director of the Iraqi General Rail Company, a subsidiary of the Transport Ministry, once the train is fully constructed, it will possess the capability to facilitate the transportation of around three million passengers annually.

According to Kaabi’s statement to the Shafaq News agency and other Iraqi outlets, an agreement for the project has already been concluded between the two countries. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the Iraqi portion of the railway project has been incorporated into the budget for the year 2023.

The author observed that Iraq has already designated 215 billion Iraqi dinars ($148 million) for the aforementioned project, which is expected to significantly enhance the transportation of products and commodities between the two nations.

According to a statement from the agency, Hazim Naji, an advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq, expressed during his visit to Tehran on Sunday that all impediments have been successfully resolved for the implementation of the project.

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