Zoya name meaning in Urdu زویا

Check online Zoya name meaning in Urdu from here. After birth of boy or girl. Parents search the meaning of names. In urdu zoya is written as زویا. Meaning of name is a much important matter when a baby is born in a community like Pakistan. There are myths that meaning of name effected the personality of new born baby. So the matching of name with some good or positive idea is appreciated and for this purpose people consult with their religious figures or some astronomers to check that which name will be suit their baby with respect to prosperity, progress and good luck in his or her future. Every Muslim parents in the world wishes that his or her child have Quranic name.

Zoya name meaning in Urdu

Dictionaries has been compiled to use this problem and to make easy access to the meaning of Islamic names for the people who believe on this philosophy. Girls name is also searched out by her parents at the time of birth. An Islamic name Zoya meaning in Urdu is love, affection. This word shows that the girls having this name will be loved by the people in her surroundings and she also spread love among others wherever she will go.

Zoya name meaning in Urdu زویا


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Urdu Meaning
Zoyaloving, caring, life and aliveGirl لٹرکی
محبت ، پیار

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