Two bogies of goods train detached from engine near Faisalabad

A Faisalabad-bound freight train’s two bogies separated from the engine on Saturday while the driver was oblivious to the situation and the train continued to move for at least three miles.

After the guard called the driver, according to sources, the railway avoided a serious catastrophe. The Nankana Sahib district’s Sangla Hill was the origin of the cargo train.

They also said that once the train returned from its three-kilometer drive, the bogies were re-attached to the engine. The driver was unaware of the separation, sources claim. He found out about the change when a guard called him.

The train was disconnected from the bogies again and then dispatched.

The locomotive and six waggons of a cargo train that was travelling between Sammsatta and Dera Nawab Sahib, roughly 25 kilometres from Bahawalpur, derailed earlier this week, injuring the train’s guard.

Urine was placed onto the goods train as it left Karachi for Lahore.

According to railway officials, the incident could have been caused by two factors. The train may have overshot and hit the dead end at the railway station because the driver failed to use the brakes or the point man erred. The engine and bogies eventually derailed.

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