Train Reservations Stop Until 20th October

The officials of Railway announced a new order to stop the reservations of train till the 20th of October. A report has been given to all the booking offices and the commercial divisional offices across all over the Pakistan, although the customers who had book their tickets before the announcement has been given back their fare charges.

Likewise, the Railway has stopped the services of a number of trains such as Shah Hussain Express, Shalimar Express, Tezgam Express and the Awam Express.

The order stated that the directions given by the Officials of Railways to all the booking offices and the commercial divisional offices all over the Pakistan to stop the reservation of trains that travel in between Karachi, Lahore, Sukkur and Quetta.

The Officials of Railway has govern the booking supervisors and the finance officers of the seven divisions to given the full fare charges back to all the customers who have already reserve their ticket.

Although, the directions has been given to all the virtual and physical booking offices to stop all the reservations of trains. The authorities stated that the maintenance of Railway line signals system and the bridges that are broken down in the Sukkur Division and the Karachi is under process.

Simultaneously, the authorities stated that it is difficult to fully restart the Railway services until the whole Railway line is fully renovated.

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