Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Tevta Jobs 2023 | Check Age Limit Last Date & Eligibility Criteria

This page aims to explore the most recent job prospects available at Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority in the year 2023, with a particular emphasis on employment chances in the field of education. Conduct comprehensive research to collect pertinent information about the available job vacancies, requisite credentials, associated perks, and application procedures. It is crucial to uphold a substantial degree of knowledge and capitalize on the opportunity to become a part of this esteemed organization.


Are you an education professional who demonstrates a strong commitment to the sector and actively seeks new opportunities to make substantial contributions? There is no imperative to further pursue any additional inquiry. The Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Lahore has recently published a statement regarding career opportunities in the field of education for the year 2023. This page provides a thorough analysis of the existing job openings at the educational institution, with detailed specifications, perks, and application protocols associated with each role. By furnishing this comprehensive information, it enables readers to acquire the necessary knowledge to actively pursue the opportunity of becoming a member of this prestigious institution.

Exploring the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Job Openings

Tevta Lahore, a prestigious educational school located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, publicly announced its most recent range of career opportunities on August 21, 2023. These vocations encompass a diverse array of categories within the realm of education, affording individuals the opportunity to apply their specific expertise and knowledge. The information pertaining to the newest employment opportunities is derived from the advertisement published in the jang Newspaper.

Job Categories and Vacancies

  • Position: Instructors, Junior Instructors &Lecturer
  • Education Required: DAE, Bachelor, Master, B.Tech, MBA, BS
  • Vacancy Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Job Industry: Education Jobs

Requirements for the Job

To meet the requirements for these prestigious positions, candidates must hold Bachelor, Master, B.Tech, MBA, BS, or an equivalent academic qualification. In addition, it is crucial that candidates have a minimum of two years of pertinent professional experience. This methodology guarantees that the applicants exhibit a substantial level of knowledge and expertise, hence fostering an intellectually stimulating atmosphere for both students and colleagues.

Benefits of Joining TEVTA

There are other advantages associated with enrollment at Tevta Lahore that transcend beyond the scope of employment opportunities. As an individual involved in the realm of education, one will come across a multitude of options and possibilities.

  • Make a valuable contribution to the field of education by joining a renowned institution that is committed to molding the intellects of upcoming generations and fostering a beneficial influence on the broader community.
  • Participate in a dynamic setting that fosters ongoing education, scholarly exploration, and individual growth.
  • The collaborative environment facilitates the cultivation of professional collaboration and innovation by encouraging active engagement with seasoned colleagues and professionals from many industries.
  • Maximize the advantages derived from the employment of state-of-the-art resources and facilities that enhance the effectiveness of teaching practices, research inquiries, and educational pursuits.
  • The guidance and orientation offered to students along their educational trajectories have a substantial effect since it seeks to enable the actualization of their complete capabilities.

Required Documents and Application Process

In order to complete the application process for the available vacancies at TEVTA Lahore, potential candidates are required to compile the following documents:

  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a thorough written record that provides a detailed overview of an individual’s educational background, professional work experience, and notable accomplishments that are pertinent to their particular field of expertise.
  • Academic Credentials: Duplicates of your scholarly degrees and certifications, encompassing your attainment of a PhD.
  • Experience certificates are official documents that serve as evidence of an individual’s employment in a certain professional capacity for a period of two years.
  • The subsequent section presents the pertinent contact details for the individual or organization under consideration. Ensuring the provision of precise contact information is crucial to facilitate efficient and uninterrupted communication.

To effectively complete the application process, it is important to access the official website of the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority. It is crucial to strictly adhere to the designated deadline for submitting applications in order to maintain eligibility for consideration in the selection process.

Technical Education and Vocational Training Tevta Jobs 2023 | Check Age Limit Last Date & Eligibility Criteria


Q: What is the deadline to Apply For TEVTA August 2023 Jobs?

The designated deadline for the submission of applications is September 8, 2023, as stated in the advertisement published in the newspaper.

Q: Is a Master’s qualification mandatory for these positions?

In order to fulfill the prerequisites for this employment, it is imperative that persons possess a master’s or an analogous qualification.

Q: Can I apply if I have less than 02 years of experience?

No, these positions require a minimum of two years of relevant experience.

Q: How can I apply for these job openings?

The commencement of the application process for TEVTA can be achieved by accessing the official website or adhering to the application requirements specified in the newspaper advertisement.

Q: What benefits can I expect from joining TEVTA?

Enrollment at TEVTA provides prospects for professional development, fostering teamwork, gaining access to cutting-edge resources, and the potential to make a substantial influence on the lives of students.

Q: What documents are required to attach to the TEVTA Jobs application?

In order to effectively complete the application process, it is essential to provide a comprehensive curriculum vitae, official educational certificates, validated experience certifications, a carefully crafted cover letter, and precise contact details.

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