Taxila to Attock Train Ticket Price & Timings 2024

Check the online Taxila to Attock Train Ticket Price 2024 from here. Traveling by train from Taxila to Attock is not just beautiful, but it’s also not too expensive. In this article, we’ll talk about the different prices of tickets, so you can choose the one that fits your budget.

Taxila to Attock Train Ticket Price 2024

The cost of tickets from Taxila to Attock is made to suit different budgets. You can get a ticket for as low as 400 rupees, and the most expensive one is 800 rupees. This gives you choices depending on how much you want to spend. The Awam express ticket price from Taxila to Attock is mentioned below.

Economy SeatEconomy BirthA.C Lower

Taxila to Attock AC Lower Class Fare:

If you want a more comfortable journey with air conditioning, you can choose the AC Lower Class. The ticket for this is 900 rupees. It gives you better facilities for a bit more money.

Taxila to Attock Economy Berth Fare:

For a good mix of comfort and budget, you can go for the Economy Berth. This ticket costs 750 rupees and gives you a nice place to sleep, making your journey cozy and not too pricey.

Taxila to Attock Ticket Price Economy Class:

If you’re looking for the cheapest option, the Economy Class is for you. The ticket is only 480 rupees, and even though it’s the most basic, it still gives you a comfortable journey.

Taxila to Attock Train Ticket Price & Timings 2024

Tips for Booking:

To get the best price for your journey, it’s a good idea to book your tickets early. This way, you can also get some discounts. You can check online or go to the railway station to compare prices and find the best deal.

Taxila to Attock Train Timing 2024

Train NameDeparture TimeDestination Arrival Time
Awam Express1:25 PM2:30 PM

Pakistan Railway Contact Numbers:

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  1. What is the price range for train tickets from Taxila to Attock?
    • Train tickets cost between 400 and 900 rupees, depending on the class.
  2. How much is an AC Lower Class ticket?
    • An AC Lower Class ticket is 900 rupees, offering a more comfortable journey with air conditioning.
  3. What is the fare for an Economy Berth ticket?
    • An Economy Berth ticket is priced at 750 rupees, providing a balance between comfort and affordability.
  4. How much does an Economy Class ticket cost?
    • The fare for an Economy Class ticket is 480 rupees, making it the most budget-friendly option for the journey.

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