Southern Railway installs 750V power lines for rake maintenance, saves Rupees 94 lakh

The implementation of a 750 volt power supply by Southern Railway for the repair of LinkeHofmann Busch (LHB) rakes in the washing lines has resulted in cost savings exceeding ₹94 lakh. A total of 41 out of the 45 pit lines have been equipped with 750V power supply lines, mostly for the purpose of facilitating washing activities. This implementation has resulted in significant cost reductions.

According to B. Guganesan, the Chief Public Relations Officer, the Railway Board conducted an energy audit using the 2021-22 financial year as the reference period. The audit revealed that the daily diesel consumption for testing and maintenance of LHB rakes at washing or pit lines across all railway zones amounted to approximately 1.84 lakh liters. The observed cost discrepancy pertained exclusively to LHB maintenance rather than ICF coaches, and it was anticipated to escalate at an annual rate of 20%.

In order to address this issue, the Indian Railways has allocated a total of ₹210 crore towards the implementation of electricity infrastructure development in 411 pit lines across its railway network. As an integral component of this capital endeavor, the Railway Board has determined that savings of over ₹500 crore will be achieved, accompanied by a reduction in the utilization of fossil fuels.

Southern Railway, a railway company with a total of 45 pit lines, finished the first phase of its project in July, during which 41 pit lines were covered. By the conclusion of the current fiscal year, the remaining pit lines are expected to be equipped with the 750V power supply.

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