Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Institute of Cardiology Jobs

In a bid to revolutionize healthcare in Balochistan, Pakistan, the Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology is on the lookout for dedicated professionals to join its esteemed team. With a recent job advertisement published in the daily Dawn Newspaper on October 8, 2023, the institute invites applications for various positions that promise to shape the future of cardiology and related specialties. If you’re looking to make a significant impact on healthcare in this region, read on to discover the exciting job opportunities awaiting you.

Job Openings at SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology:

  1. Associate Professor Cardiology
  2. Registrar Cardiology
  3. Assistant Professor Cardiac Imaging
  4. Assistant Professor Paediatric Cardiology
  5. Assistant Professor Paediatric Cardiac Surgery
  6. Dental Surgeon
  7. Assistant Professor Cardiology
  8. Specialist Anesthesiologist
  9. Assistant Professor Anesthesia
  10. Registrar Anesthesia
  11. Registrar Paediatric Cardiology
  12. Assistant Professor Cardiac Surgery
  13. Registrar Cardiac Electrophysiology
  14. Registrar Cardiac Surgery

Location: Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan

Educational Background:

Candidates with diverse qualifications including Others, BDS, and MBBS will be given preference, ensuring a diverse and skilled workforce.

Application Deadline:

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply for these prestigious positions at SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology before the closing date, which is approximately on October 23, 2023, or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.

How to Apply:

For detailed application instructions, please refer to the complete job advertisement online or in the daily Dawn Newspaper. Ensure you follow the application procedure diligently to maximize your chances of securing a position that aligns with your skills and aspirations.

Why Join SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology?
  1. Cutting-Edge Healthcare: SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art healthcare services. As a part of the team, you’ll be at the forefront of medical innovation, working with the latest technologies and methodologies.
  2. Impactful Work: By joining SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology, you’ll contribute significantly to improving the healthcare landscape in Balochistan, positively impacting the lives of countless individuals in need.
  3. Collaborative Environment: The institute fosters a culture of collaboration, where your ideas and expertise will be valued and encouraged. You’ll work alongside some of the brightest minds in the healthcare field.
  4. Professional Growth: SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology is committed to the professional development of its employees. You’ll have access to continuous learning opportunities and a pathway for career advancement.
  5. Exceptional Facilities: The institute boasts top-notch facilities and resources, ensuring you have everything you need to excel in your role.


1. How can I apply for a job at SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology?

Please refer to the complete job advertisement, either online or in the daily Dawn Newspaper, for detailed application instructions. Follow the provided guidelines to submit your application.

2. When is the closing date for applications?

The closing date for applications is around October 23, 2023, or as per the specific date mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.

3. What qualifications are preferred for these positions?

Candidates with diverse qualifications, including Others, BDS, and MBBS, will be given preference. Specific requirements for each position may vary, so please refer to the job advertisement for details.

4. What are the benefits of working at SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology?

Working at SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology offers opportunities for professional growth, access to cutting-edge healthcare technologies, the chance to make a meaningful impact on healthcare in Balochistan, and a collaborative work environment.

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Institute of Cardiology Jobs

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