Security of railway stations reviewed

At a video connection session, Inspector General of Railways Police Dr. Rao Sardar Ali Khan assessed the performance of SPs from all divisions and reviewed crimes from the previous five months.

The IG evaluated the railways’ unsecured sensitive sites and bridges requested a report and gave the order to deploy security in conjunction with the provincial police on a war footing. The IG Railways directed that the broken security devices be repaired and replaced as quickly as possible due to the fragile state of the nation.

He emphasized that the primary duty of the railway police is to take precautions for the safety of passengers and crucial Pakistan Railways facilities.

Each SP informed the IG during a conference regarding the lack of security equipment, including as bomb disposal tools, metal detectors, walk-through gates, luggage scanners, and explosive detectors.

He urged the SPs to work closely with the relevant Divisional Superintendents to guarantee 24-hour trolley patrolling of the track. If any of his employees are discovered to be remiss in performing their proper tasks, he threatened to discipline the concerned SP.

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