Security Guard injured as goods train engine and six wagons derail

On Monday, the locomotive and six waggons of a freight train derailed at Kalanchwala Railway Station on the 25-kilometre-long Sammsatta-Dera Nawab Sahib route, injuring the train’s guard.

According to railroad officials, a cargo train carrying urea that was heading from Karachi to Lahore early on Monday was signalled on the loop route of the Kalanchwala Railway Station.

They said that the train overshot and crashed into the station’s dead end, derailing its engine and six waggons in the process. They claimed that either the point man made a mistake or the driver neglected to apply the brakes.

Officials claim that the train’s driver and other staff were unharmed, but the train’s guard, who was in his cabin when the accident occurred, was hurt.

Railway officials were concerned because the smashed waggons wound up on the main Lahore-Karachi track, which would affect traffic on the main line. However, a relief train sent from Sammsatta lifted the damaged waggons and freed the main Lahore-Karachi railway line, enabling regular train service to resume.

An unnamed railway official said that an investigation regarding the incident would be launched.

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