Rs 750 Prize Bond List Draw 95 Result 17 July 2023

You can check the online results for your Draw # 95 prize of 750 Rs Bond List. On July 15, 2023, balloting for Lucky Draw No. 95 of the Rs. 750 prize bond was conducted on the streets of Rawalpindi. The voting for the 750 rupee bonds was done by the State Bank. Award bonds. One lucky winner receives the first reward, a 750 Rs. prize bond with a value of 1,500,000 PRK. Three lucky winners each receive Rs. 500 000 as the second prize from the list of 750 prize bonds. There are 1695 winners of the third and final reward of the 750-rupee bond, each receiving Rs. 9,300.

The first prize of the Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Draw #95 on July 17, 2023, Rawalpindi, will be given to the winner who is single and is valued at Rs. 1,500,000. The second prize of the bond, which is valued at Rs. 500,000, will be given to three lucky winners. 1696 competitors will receive the 750 rupee prize, which has a value of Rs. 9,300.

The 750 Prize bonds list For businesspeople of middling standing, the 2023 distribution of the savings bond is a fantastic alternative and offers generous pay packages. Every year, there will be a draw for 750 Prize Bonds in the months of February, November, and August. The bond 750 reward is divided between four draws each held every three months, totaling four lotteries per year.

Rs 750 Prize Bond List 2023 Complete Result

For those who invested in prize bonds and are eagerly anticipating the results, this is a fantastic opportunity. Happy birthday to each and every winner, we say! Keep an eye out for updates on the prize bond outcomes! Both the Finance department and the Pakistani government’s administration oversee the Prize Bond draws. This organization is under the sole control of the Department of Finance.

Given that the National Savings Organisation has issued an open invitation to everyone, no one can be accused of being dishonest or lying regarding this Prize Bond Draw in Pakistan. Additionally, there are many other lottery schemes in use around the world, yet they are all dishonest and inadequate. This makes the sole lottery program in Pakistan that is trustworthy, legal, and appropriate for the risk-free acquisition of money the Prize Bonds of the National Savings.

The fact that you can purchase these bonds up to 60 days in advance of the draw date should be taken into account as well. The announcement of the results can be patiently awaited after you have paid for your prize bond. Many people buy bond prizes to invest in, and a few fortunate winners even make money by winning these competitions. The more bonds you purchase, the better your chances of winning. If you haven’t tried your luck at winning in the prize draw yet, now might be the time!

Rs 750 Prize Bond Draw Results online

When your favorite draw is scheduled for one of the 750 prize bonds in the upcoming months or weeks, you’ll be able to see the exact date and location of the draw in real-time under the National Savings of Pakistan’s name. On one single page, you may view the results of the National Savings of Pakistan’s 750 Prize Bond Draw in its entirety. As a result, this schedule includes the date of the draw, the day, the value of the prize bond, and the name of the city. According to the prize bond schedule for the prize bond draw in 2023, all draws are announced on the date of the draw; however, if the date falls on a Sunday, the results of the prize bond draw will be disclosed on the next business day. Schedule for 2023 results and much more for the Rs. 750 prize bond.

Rs 750 Prize Bond list 2023 online Search

The bank that administers the voting for the 750 rupee prize bonds is State Bank. Award bonds. A first-place prize of 750 rupees is among the awards. One lucky winner will receive a prize bond worth 3,000,000 PKR, as well as the second prize, a 750-PKR prize bond worth 1 lakh. Three privileged recipients will each receive a million dollars. 1696 prize winners will receive checks for Rs. 18,500 apiece as the final and third winners of the 750 prize bonds list for 2023.

A list of the 750 prize bond outcomes as of August 16, 2023, according to the National Bank of Pakistan’s declared timetable, is also available. The balloting for the 750 Prize Bond List for 2023 is handled by the State Bank. For Rs. Prize Bonds, the results are available online. One fortunate winner receives the first prize of the prize bond of Rs. 750 draw result, which is worth 3,000,000 PRK. Three lucky winners will each receive the second reward on the list of 750 reward Bonds 2023, which is a Rs. 1,000,000 online cheque. Amounting to Rs. 18,500 each, the third and final prize of the 750 reward bond is given to 1696 winners.


If we’re talking about prize bonds, they are a sort of 750 prize bond list for the 2023 online check, which are issued by authorized prize bond firms on behalf of the finance government. Additionally, it is promoted on the grounds that the investment is safe and under legal authority.

When you make this form of investment, the prize bond list of 750 2023 online check-in The general public won’t be interested, but there are opportunities to advertise the likelihood of winning money. Although there is no certainty of winning, the odds are relatively high, making it a wonderful financial investment. Once you win a prize, you’ll be able to realize your goals and increase your wealth.

Value of Prize Bond Rs 750
Draw Date 17-04-2023
First Prize 1,500,000 PKR (1 Prize)
Second Prize 500,000 PKR (3 Prizes)
Third Prize 9,300 PKR (1,696 Prizes)

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