RPF Cop shoots four dead inside Jaipur-Mumbai train

According to a high-ranking official of the Railway Protection Force (RPF), the constable involved in the incident in Mumbai this morning, where he reportedly discharged his firearm on a train in motion resulting in the deaths of four individuals, exhibited a propensity for anger and impulsive behaviour. This information was shared with the media.

Chetan Singh purportedly perpetrated the act of fatally shooting his superior, Tikaram Meena, as well as three individuals who were travelling on the Jaipur-Mumbai superfast express at approximately 5 am. At the moment, the train was in close proximity to Palghar station. The individual under suspicion disembarked off the train at the subsequent station and made an attempt to escape, however, they were subsequently apprehended.

In his statement to the media, Inspector General of RPF (Western Railway) Praveen Sinha remarked that the individual in question exhibited a propensity for anger and impulsive behaviour. There was an absence of any altercation. The individual exhibited a loss of emotional control and proceeded to discharge a firearm at their superior, afterwards targeting any individuals within their line of sight.

According to reports, Singh hails from Hathras, a region situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The individual referred to as Miss Meena, who held the position of Assistant Sub-Inspector within the Railway Protection Force (RPF), hailed from Sawai Madhopur in the state of Rajasthan. Miss. Meena was scheduled to retire in the year 2025. The deceased individual is survived by his spouse and his mother, who is currently 80 years old. The individual’s son, who is 35 years old, and daughter, who is 25 years old, have entered into the institution of marriage. A monetary compensation of 25 lakh Indian Rupees has been officially declared for the affected family, in addition to extra help amounting to 15 lakh Indian Rupees.

The Railway authorities have announced their intention to extend compensation to the family members of the remaining victims as well.

As per the statements provided by railway authorities, a collective count of four Railway Protection Force (RPF) employees, including individuals named Singh and Miss Meena, was present on the train originating from Surat station in Gujarat. Their purpose for boarding the train was to fulfil their escort responsibilities. Security personnel are deployed on long-distance trains to ensure the safety and protection of passengers.

The interrogation of the two additional RPF personnel currently on duty is being conducted in order to establish connections within the ongoing inquiry.

According to Sumit Thakur, the chief public relations officer of Western Railway, the individual in question was affiliated with the Lower Parel RPF unit.

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