Punjab Information Technology Board PITB Jobs October 2023

Punjab Information Technology Board PITB Jobs October 2023

Posted Date:5th October 2023
Jobs Location:Lahore
Matric, Inter, Graduation
Last Date To Apply: 15/10/2023
Department Name:Punjab Information Technology Board PITB

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Lahore has recently announced a multitude of vacant positions, offering a diverse range of career opportunities. The vacancies span across various departments, encompassing roles such as Finance Officer, ML Engineer, UX Developer, Admin Officer, Software Quality Assurance, Procurement Officer, Programme Manager, Programme Officer, Network Engineer, Project Director, Principal Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Solution Architect, System Network Administrator, Database Admin, and Principal AI and DevOps Engineer. This extensive array of positions caters to individuals with educational backgrounds ranging from B.E., Master, Bachelor, to MS, ensuring a broad scope for qualified candidates.

Key Positions Available:

  1. Finance Officer
  2. ML Engineer
  3. UX Developer
  4. Admin Officer
  5. Software Quality Assurance
  6. Procurement Officer
  7. Programme Manager
  8. Programme Officer
  9. Network Engineer
  10. Project Director
  11. Principal Software Engineer
  12. Software Engineer
  13. Solution Architect
  14. System Network Administrator
  15. Database Admin
  16. Principal AI and DevOps Engineer

Qualification Requirements:

The preferred educational qualifications for these positions include B.E., Master’s, Bachelor’s, and MS degrees, reflecting the diverse skill sets and expertise required by PITB.

Application Process:

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply for these exciting government job opportunities at PITB. The closing date for applications is scheduled to be around undefined NaN, NaN, or as specified in the closing date section of the newspaper advertisement. To ensure a successful application, applicants are advised to thoroughly read the complete advertisement online, which provides detailed information on how to apply for the latest positions at PITB.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What is the closing date for applications?
    • The closing date for applications is expected to be around undefined NaN, NaN, or as mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.
  2. What educational qualifications are preferred for these positions?
    • Preferred educational qualifications include B.E., Master’s, Bachelor’s, and MS degrees.
  3. Where can I find the complete advertisement for these job opportunities?
    • The complete advertisement with detailed information can be found online.
  4. How can I apply for a position at PITB?
    • The online advertisement provides comprehensive details on the application process. Ensure you read it thoroughly for successful application.
About Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB):

PITB is a leading government institution based in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Renowned for its commitment to technological advancement and innovation, PITB plays a pivotal role in transforming Punjab into a digitally empowered province. With a focus on information technology, PITB strives to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accessibility in various government departments. The organization values a diverse workforce and offers exciting career opportunities for individuals with a passion for technology and a commitment to public service.

Punjab Information Technology Board PITB Jobs October 2023

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