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Check all the details about Postal Life Insurance Policy as well as Postal life insurance scheme details Pakistan online from here. Life is unpredictable. Every soul has to taste death. Man struggles throughout the life to achieve maximum for himself and his entire family.  But nothing is more important than life of a man. Future planning is another important aspect of human life. Allah has bestowed man with wisdom. By using it he made different schemes to get a better future and to meet the competition of the time.

Postal Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance policy is one of such planning. There are many brands who are offering these planes with different packages and policies. These policies are based upon the interest of costumer. Pakistan post is a renowned government company which is offering this. This facility is available for the workers of Pakistan post as well as for the common citizens of Pakistan.

Pakistan Postal Life Insurances Calculator

Check Postal life insurance scheme details Pakistan from here. These policies are designed by the department of Pakistan post by keeping in mind the political, social, financial issues of this country. This policy often provides bonuses to the clients as well as to the workers. This postal life insurance policy has many benefits. Parents can feel easy even after their demise or in case of any accident. The policy holders can enjoy many other benefits.

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In case of any emergency or accident the company is liable to pay certain amount to the victim. In some case this amount is fixed and in many other cases this amount is based on percentage. Any person from all around the country can avail this facility. Their act of using this service not only secures his and his family’s life but also add some more to the capital of this country. So the need of time is to create awareness among the mass to show their interest in this postal life insurance policy. Furthermore, from here you can check postal life insurance scheme premium calculator details.

Postal Life Insurance Policy 2024


Bonus Rates Per Thousand of Sum Assured w.e.f 01-07-2012:
Description of PlansFor First five Policy Year6th policy year to 10 yearFrom 11th policy year to 15 yearFrom 15th policy year to on wardsPaid up policies irrespective of duration
Whole Life Policy7511012016080
Endowment Assurance Policy60809012565
Anticipated Endowment Assurance Policy60758010060

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