PMC MDCAT Answer keys Result 2022 November 13, 2022

Check online PMC MDCAT Answer keys Result 2022 from this page. Written test date is Sunday, 13th November, 2022. Here is the PMC MDCAT Answer Key, along with the result and topper’s name, as well as how many marks they received in the MDCAT. Are You Getting Ready for the MDCAT? Today, uhs is holding an entry test in 13 cities across Punjab. This is the official self-scoring system answer key. You can view your medical results before the final outcome. Scroll down to view the answer key.

The answer key will be available on our website. Stay tuned for more information. The test attracts over 200,000 candidates. There are two hundred (200) multiple-choice questions in total.

PMC MDCAT Answer keys Result 2022 November 13, 2022

PMC administers the MDCAT through provisional universities across the country. Here are the specifics.

  • UHS Conducts For Punjab Students
  • KMU Etea for KPK Candidates
  • DUHS For Sindh Candidates
  • SZABMU for Islamabad

UHS MDCAT Answer Key 13 November, 2022

You can match your answer sheet from the entry test with the help of the uhs answer key 2022. Match and total your points. And please share your results with us here. We will recommend the best medical field for you.

  • MBBS
  • BDS
  • Pharma-D

PMC Answer Key 2022

200,000 candidates take the PMC MDCAT in various entry test centres across Pakistan. This exam is conducted at various universities.

KMU Carry out the test in KPK. In Sindh, DUHS is running a body. While UHS is a testing facility in Punjab. In federal/ICT SZABMU is conducting a body for MDCAT.

The answer key will be posted on the universities’ official websites as well as the PMC website.

  • UHS Answer key 2022
  • SZABMU MDCAT Answer Key 2022
  • BUMHS Keys
ETEA MDCAT Keys 2022

KMU ETEA will administer the mdcat test to 56000 candidates. The KMUS ETEA Answer key 2022 for mdcat is available here.


  • Can I contest the response as well as the OMR grading and answer key?

Yes, candidates may challenge the OMR grading and Answer Key within 05 days of the result being declared.
When a response is challenged, it is verified by the University, and if it is found to be correct, the result is revised.
The final answer result will then be posted on the PMC website.

  • Can I raise an objection to a question on the exam?

You certainly can. However, you can only challenge a question (e.g., an out-of-course question, an incorrect question or response, etc.) before the Answer Key is officially released. The Answer Key is usually made available in the evening of the same day as the test.

  • What is the MDCAT-2022 exam marking scheme?

Candidates will receive one mark for each correct response. There will be no point deducted for unanswered questions. There will also be no negative marking for incorrect answers.

Sr # Code A Sr # Code A Sr # Code A Sr # Code A Sr # Code A Sr # Code A Sr # Code A Sr # Code A
Q.1 A Q.26 C Q.51 C Q.76 C Q.101 C Q.126 A Q.151 D Q.176 C
Q.2 C Q.27 A Q.52 A Q.77 D Q.102 B Q.127 B Q.152 A Q.177 A
Q.3 C Q.28 B Q.53 B Q.78 A Q.103 D Q.128 D Q.153 B Q.178 C
Q.4 D Q.29 C Q.54 D Q.79 D Q.104 C Q.129 A Q.154 A Q.179 D
Q.5 C Q.30 C Q.55 D Q.80 A Q.105 A Q.130 C Q.155 B Q.180 A
Q.6 D Q.31 A Q.56 B Q.81 B Q.106 C Q.131 B Q.156 D Q.181 A
Q.7 D Q.32 B Q.57 C Q.82 A Q.107 B Q.132 B Q.157 C Q.182 D
Q.8 B Q.33 A Q.58 D Q.83 C Q.108 C Q.133 B Q.158 B Q.183 C
Q.9 A Q.34 B Q.59 A Q.84 B Q.109 D Q.134 D Q.159 A Q.184 C/D
Q.10 A Q.35 B Q.60 B Q.85 A Q.110 A Q.135 C Q.160 B Q.185 B
Q.11 C Q.36 B Q.61 D Q.86 C Q.111 A Q.136 D Q.161 D Q.186 B
Q.12 C Q.37 C Q.62 A Q.87 B Q.112 C Q.137 A Q.162 D Q.187 B
Q.13 C Q.38 B Q.63 B Q.88 C Q.113 D Q.138 B Q.163 B Q.188 A
Q.14 B Q.39 D Q.64 A Q.89 D Q.114 A Q.139 C Q.164 C Q.189 A
Q.15 C Q.40 D Q.65 A Q.90 B Q.115 A Q.140 A Q.165 A Q.190 A
Q.16 D Q.41 D Q.66 A Q.91 C Q.116 B Q.141 A Q.166 B Q.191 A
Q.17 B Q.42 C Q.67 C Q.92 D Q.117 D Q.142 B Q.167 B Q.192 B
Q.18 C Q.43 D Q.68 C Q.93 D Q.118 C Q.143 A Q.168 D Q.193 A
Q.19 B Q.44 C Q.69 B Q.94 B Q.119 A Q.144 A Q.169 D Q.194 D
Q.20 C Q.45 B Q.70 C Q.95 B Q.120 B Q.145 B Q.170 B Q.195 D
Q.21 B Q.46 A Q.71 B Q.96 D Q.121 B Q.146 B Q.171 D Q.196 B
Q.22 B Q.47 B Q.72 D Q.97 C Q.122 C Q.147 B Q.172 D Q.197 C
Q.23 C Q.48 A Q.73 C Q.98 B Q.123 B Q.148 C Q.173 A Q.198 C
Q.24 A Q.49 B Q.74 A Q.99 B Q.124 C Q.149 B Q.174 B Q.199 A
Q.25 B Q.50 B Q.75 D Q.100 C Q.125 D Q.150 C Q.175 B Q.200 B

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