Pakistani Mountaineer Shahrooz Kashif Climbed Third Highest Peak In World

Young Pakistani mountaineer Shahrooz Kashif has climbed another peak, this time to the world’s third highest Kanchenjunga in Nepal. Located in the mountain range of Nepal, this peak is 8,568 meters high. 20-year-old climber Shahrooz Kashif is the third youngest climber to climb the highest peak in the world and the first climber in Pakistan.

Shahrooz Kashif has previously been the youngest climber in Pakistan to climb Mount Everest and the world’s youngest climber to climb K2. With this feat, he became the youngest climber in the world to climb the three highest peaks. Are Shahrooz’s father says that Shahrooz Kashif climbed Kanchan Janga peak at 3:05 pm Pakistan time, Shahrooz’s next goal is to reach the fourth and fifth highest peak.

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