Pakistan Railways set to launch RABTA app with Chinese help

Speaking to the media at Railways Headquarters, Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique characterized the initiative as a win-win situation for the department. He asserted a partnership between M/s Norinco and M/s Easyway Company.

Rafique claims that the project will make it possible for travelers to plan their journey from home. He claims that by using the app, consumers will find it simpler to manage their reservations, restaurant orders, hotel bookings, and tax-related issues.

He declared, “This IT-based solution is not only for the convenience of passengers; it also tracks the money the trains make from ticket sales.

The application, according to the ministry, would give users access to the operation management system for the trains as well as the ability to book and track packages.

According to the minister, the application will allow for parcel booking and tracking while also giving users access to the trains’ operation management system.

Rafique claimed that the project’s foundation was revenue sharing. He described RABTA as a crucial milestone in the modernization of railroad operations. He stated that the Sibi-Harnai stretch would soon have train service, which he noted would benefit the local economies of four districts.

No port could operate effectively without railways, he claimed, adding that a sub-office of the railways had been established in Gwadar.

He added that efforts were being made to minimize or overcome the delay in pensions and salaries.

Rafique said that the railway’s furnace would be operational by the month of April.

He mentioned that a policy was being created for railway shops and added that “in addition to generating cash, we also need to create employment chances.”

He added that trains were also being assessed because an upgrade was required.

The minister stated that Main Line-1 would become financially viable if costs were decreased by 40%.

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