Pakistan Railway To Resume Cargo Train Service From Peshawar

To help the business community, Pakistan Railways wants to restart the freight train service between Peshawar and Karachi.

Mohammad Nasir Khalili, the Peshawar divisional superintendent of the railways, said this at a meeting with members of the business community on Tuesday at the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Additionally present were the president of the SSCI, Mohammad Ishaq, the vice-president, Ejaz Khan Afridi, the divisional transportation/commercial officer of the railways for Peshawar, Anwar Saadat Marwat, the divisional mechanical engineer, Javed Shah, and the divisional assistant electrical engineer, Jamilur Rehman.

Mr. Khalili promised to offer the traders every possible assistance in order to increase exports.

He claimed that the easy and speedy transportation of import and export commodities by cargo train was a widely employed method.

Mr. Khalili observed that Peshawar was falling behind other cities in terms of the management of freight business.

He claimed that PR has created a comprehensive strategy for the restart of freight train operations out of Peshawar. He stated that the cargo train rehabilitation strategy would concentrate on KP’s prospective sectors.

In order to boost trade and company operations and stabilize the national economy, he emphasized the importance of using the railway transportation service.

The issues that the business community is having with the transportation of their goods were previously addressed by SCCI president Mohammad Ishaq. He claimed that because it made it simple and quick to move export and import shipments around the world, the railway was the most practical and efficient mode of transportation.

In order to quickly resume cargo train service and ease commercial activity, he claimed that the SCCI will offer information and specifics about the possible sectors.

If the cargo train service was restarted, according to Mr. Ishaq, railways would make enormous sums of money.

The railroad authorities agreed to his suggestion that the SCCI be represented on the Railways Adviser Committee.

It should be noted that export cargo train service from the dry port of Peshawar Cantonment has been suspended for the past 17 years, and local exporters now transport their goods to Karachi using private trucks.

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