Pakistan Railway to facilitate Raiwind Ijtema participants

The Pakistan Railways (PR) has granted permission for the 5-Up and 6-Down Greenline train to make a stop at the Raiwind Railway station.

This is being done in order to aid the participants in the annual Tableeghi Ijtema, which will be held in Raiwind from February 26 to March 6.

It was announced on Saturday by PR sources that the 6-Down Greenline train, which travels from Islamabad to Karachi, will make a stop at Raiwind on February 27 and 28, and the 5-Up Greenline train, which travels in the opposite direction from Karachi to Islamabad, will make a stop at Raiwind on March 5 to make travel more convenient for those who are attending the congregation.

During the days of the gathering, the Pakistan Railways (PR) has also stationed additional workers at the Raiwind railway station to assist passengers in accordance with the directives of the Lahore Division Superintendent M Hanif Gull.

In addition to making sure the participants had access to clean water to drink, the PR made further measures to ensure their safety and to make things easier for them.

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