Pakistan Railway Doles Out Additional Rs 2 Million For Shaddadpur Station Platforms Upgradation

During the current fiscal year, Pakistan Railways would spend an additional Rs 2 million on the rehabilitation and building of a platform at Shaddadpur Train Station.

An official from the Ministry of Railways explained to APP that “Shaddadpur Railway Station, running with three platforms, is one of the essential stations positioned on mainline where most of the mail and express trains have their stoppages.”

He reported that the contractor had halted development owing to unpaid invoices and cash, despite the fact that around half of the renovations had been finished.

The official, however, affirmed that the necessary resources are being arranged for the remaining work.

The official reported that the condition of the lower platform was deteriorating, and it was agreed to repair it under the heading of improvement and welfare expenditures.

He stated that out of a total budget of Rs 22.686 million, Rs 5.679 million had been disbursed and used as of June 2022.

In response to a question, the official stated that Pakistan Railways was a large organization with roughly 63,000 people and a network that covered the entirety of Pakistan.

According to him, the workers are provided for in terms of health care through a comprehensive system of clinics, hospitals, and pediatric clinics as part of the welfare operations.

The official elaborated, saying that the Prime Minister’s Family Support Package policy provides government housing for the surviving family members of dead employees based on their entitlement and priority list, as well as staff benevolence money, benefits, and incentives.

He went on to list the development of primary and secondary schools, industrial schools to teach handicrafts, sporting activities through the constitution of Pakistan, and a pick-up and drop-off facility for schools and offices as examples of other welfare activities.

The official listed the installation of water filtration plants, the provision of five medical seats at Ripha Islamic Universities at a 50% reduction in admission and tuition fees, loans on easy installments, the availability of all recreational facilities, the payment of burial and ambulance fees, a marriage grant, a farewell grant, free passes, and concessions in railway fares.

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