Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority CAA Jobs 2023

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is calling for dynamic individuals to join its team, offering a range of job positions in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. This enticing opportunity is featured in The News dated 1 October 2023, targeting skilled professionals for vacancies in crucial areas like flight dispatch and flight duty time limitation inspection. Aspiring candidates with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational qualifications are encouraged to apply for these esteemed positions.

Vacancies Available:

  1. Flight Dispatch:
    • Responsible for coordinating flight plans and ensuring the safe and efficient dispatch of flights.
    • Collaborate with various stakeholders to streamline flight operations.
  2. Flight Duty Time Limitation Inspector:
    • Oversee and enforce regulations related to flight duty time limitations.
    • Conduct inspections to ensure compliance with safety standards.
  3. Joint Director Operation Regulations:
    • Lead and manage the regulatory aspects of aviation operations.
    • Implement and enforce operational regulations to ensure industry compliance.

Educational Qualifications:

Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational background will be given preference. The emphasis on education underscores the commitment to hiring individuals with a strong academic foundation.

Application Process:

Interested candidates are urged to apply at the earliest for these coveted positions. The deadline for application submission is yet to be defined (NaN, NaN), or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper advertisement. Prospective applicants are advised to thoroughly read the complete advertisement online to understand the application process for the latest job opportunities at Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


1. How do I apply for the advertised positions?

  • To apply, visit the official website or follow the guidelines provided in the newspaper ad. Ensure that you submit all required documents and information.

2. What is the closing date for applications?

  • The closing date is yet to be defined (NaN, NaN). Refer to the newspaper advertisement for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

3. What educational qualifications are preferred for these positions?

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational qualification is preferred for the advertised vacancies.

4. Are these positions open to candidates from all regions?

  • Yes, the positions are open for candidates in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, and beyond, subject to meeting the specified requirements.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority CAA Jobs 2023

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