OEC Korea Result 2024 OEC Balloting Result 12 February 2024

All applicants who submitted their applications between January 30, 2024, and February 20, 2024, must use this page to view the OEC Korea Result 2024 OEC Balloting Result. The Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) has just shared the outcomes of the OEC Ballot for the year 2024. This particular webpage is crafted for people who have submitted applications for jobs in Korea through OEC.

If you are one of the people who are applying for the OEC Qurandazi 2024, it is strongly recommended that you make it a regular practice to visit our website. By doing so, you will be able to stay well-informed about the most recent updates about the event. It is advisable to cultivate a habit of checking for any newly released information or announcements that may have a bearing on the status and progress of your application. This proactive approach to staying informed will guarantee that you are adequately aware of any developments that could potentially affect the smooth progress of your application process. Therefore, we encourage you to stay vigilant and regularly check our website for the latest updates related to the OEC Qurandazi 2024.

Because there is no visa fee for these job opportunities, and on top of that, chosen individuals get attractive monthly salaries starting at Rs. 300,000/- PKR, along with additional perks like accommodation, transportation, medical coverage, meals, and many other advantages, South Korea is considered a highly sought-after destination for people from Pakistan.

OEC Korea Result 2024 OEC Balloting Result

OEC Korea Result 2024 OEC Balloting Result

Each year, the Overseas Employment Corporation Pakistan announces its selection procedure, which has several stages that each candidate must pass. These stages include:

  1. After the application submission procedure, voting will take place.
  2. The EPS-TOPIK Korean Language Test will be administered at the OECs in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar to candidates who have been selected.
  3. The Korean Language Test results will be posted online at www.oec.gov.pk.
  4. Professional Skills Test.
  5. Final result.

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