Network Rail and SBB to work jointly on Deploying AI Technologies

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Network Rail and SBB paves the path for joint efforts in the introduction of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) on the rails.

Through the exchange of expertise and best practices, the agreement is the first stage in Network Rail’s strategy to forge stronger relationships with other railway companies throughout the world.

This goal is a component of Network Rail’s newly established International Research & Development Partnership Programme (IRDPP), which aims to create technology to improve the railway for passengers and freight customers while raising overall safety.

Chief Technology Officer for Network Rail Robert Ampomah stated:

“Partnering with the international rail community in order to share experiences in running a railway, this relationship represents a significant milestone for us as an entity. By examining what works and what doesn’t, we can design new technology that will assist modernize the railway.

Sharing information with colleagues in the rail industry both domestically and abroad has a long history, but signing the MoU with SBB today reaffirms our commitment to collaborating more closely.

The AI technology that will be used in the relationship with SBB’s initial focus will be on steel bridge and rail inspection. With regard to switches, crossovers, and remote condition monitoring for light rail, this will help.

Each project created as part of the IRDPP will get collaborative funding, as well as shared accountability for resources, testing capacity, and best practices.

Technology Head of SBB, Roland Mosner, stated:

“Continued innovation in terms of best practices exchange and strides in applied research and development has been vital to us as an enterprise.

We work to maximize the benefits for our customers and passengers by enhancing operational excellence together. One important step in maintaining the momentum in the right way is the signing of the MoU with Network Rail. We are excited about the chance to engage with Network Rail in a collaborative manner and are excited to see the results.

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