NADRA Ijazat Aap Ki’ service

NADRA is able to better protect the privacy of citizens’ data via the ground-breaking NADRA Ijazat Aap Ki service, which gives users control over their personal data. In order to guarantee that their personal information is always secure and secured, citizens will be able to utilize this service to give their consent before the CNIC is confirmed.

By putting in place strict security measures, NADRA safeguards the protection of citizens’ data. Now that citizens have been given true ownership of their land and unwanted access has been restricted, the authorities have taken an unusual step. NADRA’s dedication to transforming ID management from traditional security measures to a digital consent regime is demonstrated by the establishment of a multi-layered control system.

Upon the service’s launch, NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik said that consent management is a digital strategy aligned with his goal to protect citizens’ privacy and strengthen data security. Because “your data is your personal property, just like your physical property,” people now have more power to control access and prevent misuse or unlawful usage.

In the move to a digital world from one where data is used against individuals, data is being used to empower people and offer ownership rights to their own data. The data of citizens is a priceless commodity that NADRA tenaciously protects and is not for sale. According to Malik, going ahead, consumers will need to give their informed consent before a product or service provider can use their personal data.

Starting on Thursday (yesterday), all verification transactions will require a 6-digit passcode that will be texted to the citizen’s registered mobile number to get their consent before data sharing can begin. When the pin number is provided for authentication, it will be assumed that the citizen has given permission for the NADRA to validate their ID number.

Nadra receives citizens’ mobile numbers at the time of ID card registration. In order to register mobile numbers, the administration has also made an SMS service (8009) available to the public. Sending a text message with the 13-digit ID card number to the shortcode 8009 will allow users to register their mobile number with NADRA. If your enrollment was successful, NADRA will subsequently respond with a note of confirmation.

Malik stressed the significance of citizens remaining vigilant in keeping personal information and enjoined them to take all necessary precautions to avoid fraud and identity theft.

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