MEXT Scholarship Japan 2024 Teachers Training

Check the complete procedure to submit application for MEXT Scholarship Japan 2024 for Teachers Training from here. The Japanese Government has a special opportunity for teachers in Pakistan who want to study more about school education. The scholarship is called the MEXT Teacher Training Scholarship and is available for both Government and Private School Teachers at the Primary and Secondary levels. The program lasts for 18 months, and upon successfully completing the training, participants will receive certificates. This scholarship is part of the Monbukagakusho Scholarship Program, which is managed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology in the Government of Japan.

MEXT Scholarship Japan 2024 Teachers Training

To be eligible, teachers from all over Pakistan must have worked in government or private schools for at least five years. They must to have worked in basic and secondary educational institutions as well as teacher training schools after receiving their degrees from universities or these establishments. Interested teachers can submit their applications through the Embassy of Japan, and the deadline for submission is February 09, 2024.

MEXT Japan Teacher Training Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

There are specific criteria for eligibility, such as being below the age of 35 (born on or after April 2, 1988), having a minimum Bachelor’s degree, and possessing 5 years of teaching experience by October 1, 2024. The University instructors who are currently employed are not eligible for this grant. Additionally, applicants must be capable of spending 18 months in a different cultural environment from Pakistan and be willing to learn the Japanese language for research guidance.

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How to apply for the MEXT Teacher Training Scholarships

  • Access the application form on the Japanese Embassy’s website to apply for the MEXT Teacher Training Scholarship.
  • Attach a letter of recommendation from the school principal when submitting the application.
  • Provide a brief statement of purpose explaining the reasons for applying.
  • Medical paperwork and other documents listed in the recommendations are not required during the initial application stages.

The envelope containing the application materials should be labeled as “MEXT Teachers Training Scholarship” and sent to the Public Affairs Section at the Embassy of Japan in Islamabad.

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MEXT Scholarship Japan 2024 Teachers Training

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