Main railway line to Halifax washed out after heavy rains flooding

A section of the main rail route to Halifax has been damaged as a result of the weekend’s heavy rain and flooding.

A culvert on the main CN Rail track washed away near Millbrook, Newfoundland, leaving a piece of track that now dangles in the air.

Local resident told CTV News on Sunday, “This is the only rail line we have going through here and it’s a complete necessity.”

CN Rail claims that a portion of its track in Halifax has been closed, including the 90 km north of the Millbrook washout in the city.

“Crews are now inspecting and making repairs to our track in the area to ensure the secure flow of passenger and freight traffic. CN Rail announced on Sunday that some works would be delayed until weather and flooding conditions improved.

VIA Rail has also issued a travel advisory because of the flooding.

The VIA Rail website includes a warning that “Trains 14 and 15 may not be serving stops between Moncton and Halifax: Moncton station would then become train 15’s initial departing station and train 14’s final destination station.” If this is verified, there won’t be any other transit options provided, and impacted passengers will be alerted right away.

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