Latest Agriculture Department Punjab Jobs September 2023

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the environment while advancing your career? Look no further! The Agriculture Department is thrilled to announce a job opening for the position of Environmental Specialist. This opportunity comes as a beacon of hope for talented individuals seeking to contribute their expertise to environmental conservation efforts. If you have a passion for environmental stewardship and hold an advanced degree, this could be the perfect role for you.

Position: Environmental Specialist

Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Key Responsibilities:

As an Environmental Specialist with the Agriculture Department, you will play a crucial role in managing and improving environmental initiatives. Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Conducting environmental assessments and studies.
  2. Developing strategies for sustainable agricultural practices.
  3. Implementing conservation programs and projects.
  4. Collaborating with stakeholders to promote eco-friendly practices.
  5. Analyzing and interpreting environmental data.
  6. Recommending policies for environmental protection.


To be eligible for this position, candidates must possess the following qualifications:

  • A Master’s or MS degree in Environmental Science, Ecology, or a related field.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.
  • A deep commitment to environmental conservation.

Application Deadline:

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their applications no later than September 25, 2023, or as specified in the newspaper advertisement.

How to Apply:

For detailed application instructions and to learn more about this exciting career opportunity, we invite you to read the complete job advertisement online. Visit our official website or refer to the latest advertisement in the Daily Jang Newspaper for specific application guidelines.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Can I apply if I have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science?

  • Unfortunately, this position requires a Master’s or MS degree in Environmental Science or a related field. Please ensure you meet the educational qualifications before applying.

2. What is the application deadline?

  • The application deadline is September 25, 2023, or as mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.

3. Are there opportunities for career advancement in this role?

  • The Agriculture Department provides opportunities for career growth and development. The potential for advancement will depend on your performance and contributions to the department’s environmental initiatives.

4. Is this a government job?

  • Yes, this position falls under the category of government jobs within the Agriculture Department.

5. Where can I find the complete job advertisement and application instructions?

  • You can find the detailed job advertisement and application instructions on the official website of the Agriculture Department or by referring to the latest advertisement in the Daily Jang Newspaper.

Latest Agriculture Department Punjab Jobs September 2023

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