Lahore To Vehari Train Ticket Price & Timing 2024

Check the online Lahore To Vehari Train Ticket Price from here. Check all train’s Timing for the year 2024. If you’re thinking of going from Lahore to Vehari by train, it’s important to have the details about when the trains leave and how much tickets cost. The train that goes between these two places is called the “Fareed Express,” and here’s all the info you need to get ready for your journey.

Lahore To Vehari Train Ticket Price

For a comfortable and budget-friendly journey, it’s crucial to know the ticket prices for different classes on the Fareed Express:

  • Economy Seat: 1180/-
  • Economy Berth: 1260/-
  • AC Lower: 1580/-
  • A.C Business: 1890/-

These prices provide options for various preferences and budgets, ensuring that passengers can choose the class that best suits their needs.

Train Timings:

The Fareed Express starts its trip from Lahore Junction and stops at different stations before reaching its last stop, Vehari. Below are the important times for each stop:

  • Lahore Junction (Start): The train begins its journey at 06:00 AM.
  • Walton: Arrives at 06:17 AM and departs at 06:21 AM.
  • Kot Lakhpat: Arrives at 06:29 AM and departs at 06:30 AM.
  • Raiwind Junction: Arrives at 06:45 AM and departs at 07:00 AM.
  • Kasur Junction: Arrives at 07:50 AM and departs at 08:15 AM.
  • Khudian Khas: Arrives at 08:40 AM and departs at 08:43 AM.
  • Usmanwala: Arrives at 08:52 AM and departs at 08:55 AM.
  • Kanganpur: Arrives at 09:15 AM and departs at 09:16 AM.
  • Mandi Ahmad Abad: Arrives at 09:36 AM and departs at 09:39 AM.
  • Basirpur: Arrives at 10:05 AM and departs at 10:07 AM.
  • Haveli Wasawewala: Arrives at 10:34 AM and departs at 10:38 AM.
  • Pakpattan: Arrives at 11:15 AM and departs at 11:30 AM.
  • Murad Chishti: Arrives at 11:50 AM and departs at 11:52 AM.
  • Arif Wala: Arrives at 12:07 PM and departs at 12:12 PM.
  • Gagoo: Arrives at 12:36 PM and departs at 12:38 PM.
  • Mandi Burewala: Arrives at 12:55 PM and departs at 1:00 PM.
  • Machhianwala: Arrives at 1:17 PM and departs at 1:20 PM.
  • Vehari (Final Destination): Arrives at 1:35 PM and departs at 1:40 PM.

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Lahore To Vehari Train Ticket Price & Timing 2024


What are the departure and arrival timings for the Lahore to Vehari train?

The train starts from Lahore at 06:00 AM and reaches Vehari at 1:40 PM.

2. How much does an economy seat on the Fareed Express cost?

An economy seat is priced at 1180/- for the journey from Lahore to Vehari.

3. When does the Fareed Express make stops during the journey?

The train makes stops at various stations, including Raiwind Junction, Kasur Junction, and Pakpattan, among others.

4. What classes are available, and how much is the ticket for A.C Business on the Fareed Express?

The available classes are Economy Seat, Economy Berth, AC Lower, and A.C Business, with the A.C Business ticket costing 1890/-.

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