Lahore To Narowal Train Timing Schedule Fare 2024

Check online all the information about Lahore To Narowal Train Timing as well as Schedule & Fare of train timing Lahore to Narowal 2024 from here. Every day, there are two, and on some days, three trains that run from Lahore to Narowal. These trains are named Allama Iqbal Express, Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express, and Lasani Express. Each of these trains offers three classes of accommodation: AC Standard Class, AC Sleeper Class, and Economy Class. To find out the complete schedule of these trains and the fare for each class, please refer to the information provided below.

Lahore To Narowal Train Timing 2024

No Train Name From To Arrival Departure
23 Up Akbar ExpressQuettaLahore10:20
9 Up Allama Iqbal ExpKarachi CantSialkot10:1510:45
13 Up Awam ExpressKarachi CantPeshawar Cant05:5006:25
111 Up Badar ExpressFaisalabadLahore JN07:45
133 Up Dachi FastLahoreFaisalabadTemporary Suspend
205 Up Babu PassengerLahoreWazirabad JN16:40
177 Up Faisal ExpressLahoreFaisalabadTemporary Suspend
209 Up Faiz ExpressLahore JnNarowal18:30
37 Up Fareed ExpressKarachiLahore21:35
5 Up Green LineKarachi CantIslamabad14:1514:45
113 Up Ghouri ExpressFaisalabadLahore17:25
107 Up Islamabad ExpLahoreIslamabad18:00
39 Up Jaffar ExpressQuettaPeshawar07:5008:25
15 Up Karachi ExpressKarachi CantLahore11:25
41 Up Karakoram ExpKarachi CantLahore09:00
211 Up Khush KharamLahoreNarowalTemporary Suspend
1 Up Kheyber Mail Karachi CanttPeshawar cantt 19:1519:45
333 Up Koh-i-NoorLahoreNarowalTemporary Suspend
125 Up Lasani ExpressLahoreSialkot15:45
109 Up Margla ExpressLahoreRawalpindi23:30
147 Up Mari Indus ExpLahoreMari IndusTemporary Suspend
215 Up Mouj DaryaLahoreNarowalTemporary Suspend
115 Up Musa PakMultanLahore04:35
117 Up Multan ExpressMultanLahore21:10
219 Up Narowal ExpressLahoreNarowalTemporary Suspend
43 Up Night CoachKarachiLahore13:10
223 Up Okara PassengerOkaraLahoreTemporary Suspend
303 Up Pak Business ExpKarachiLahore09:15
119 Up Pakpattan ExpSamasata JNLahoreTemporary Suspend
121 Up Ravi ExpressShorkot CANTLahore07:30
105 Up Rawal ExpressLahoreRawalpindi00:30
401 Up Samjhota Exp *waghaLahore16:45
123 Up Sargodha ExpressSarghodhaLahore08:30
151 Up Shah Latif ExpLahoreMalak WalTemporary Suspend
217 Up Shah SawarLahoreSialjotTemporary Suspend
115 Up Shah Shamas ExpMultanLahoreTemporary Suspend
27 Up Shalimar ExpressKarachi CanttLahore JN00:25
103 Up Subak Khram ExpLahoreRawalpindi16:30
101 Up Subak RaftarLahoreRawalpindi07:00
229 Up Sultan Bahu LahoreShoorkotTemporary Suspend
7 Up TezgamKarachi CantRawalpindi12:4013:10
141 Up Tipu Sultan ExpLahoreFaisalabadTemporary Suspend
207 Up Waris ShahShorkot JnLahore11:00

About Narowal District

Narowal, located in the Punjab province, isn’t just a place to visit; it’s like a historical story that’s ready to be discovered. This city is famous because it’s where the great philosopher-poet, Allama Iqbal, was born. Going to Iqbal Manzil, which used to be his family home and is now a museum, is like a special journey for people who want to learn more about Pakistan’s intellectual history.

Lahore To Gujranwala Train Timings

No Train Name From To Arrival Departure
24 DN Akbar ExpressLahoreQuetta17:00
10 DN Allama Iqbal ExpSialkotKarachi Cant11:3012:00
14 DN Awam ExpressPeshawar CantKarachi Cant18:2018:55
112 DN Badar ExpressLahore JNFaisalabad18:15
206 DN Babu PassengerWazirabadLahore06:50
134 DN Dachi FastFaisalabadLahoreTemporary Suspend
178 DN Faisal ExpressFaisalabadLahoreTemporary Suspend
210 DN Faiz ExpressNarowalLahore Jn07:10
38 DN Fareed ExpressLahoreKarachi06:00
6 DN Green LineMargalaKarachi20:0520:35
114 DN Ghouri ExpressLahoreFaisalabad09:00
108 DN Islamabad ExpIslamabadLahore22:20
40 DN Jaffar ExpressRawalpindiQuetta14:0514:40
16 DN Karachi ExpressLahoreKarachi Cant17:00
42 DN Karakoram ExpLahoreKarachi Cant16:00
212 DN Khush KharamNarowalLahoreTemporary Suspend
2 DN Kheyber Mail Peshawar cantt Karachi Cantt07:2007:50
334 DN Koh-i-NoorNarowalLahoreTemporary Suspend
126 DN Lasani ExpressSialkotLahore09:25
110 DN Margla ExpressRawalpindiLahore04:00
148 DN Mari Indus ExpMari IndusLahoreTemporary Suspend
216 DN Mouj DaryaNarowalLahoreTemporary Suspend
118 DN Multan ExpressLahoreMultan23:45
116 DN Musa PakLahoreMultan16:00
220 DN Narowal ExpressNarowalLahoreTemporary Suspend
44 DN Night CoachLahoreKarachi19:00
224 DN Okara PassengerLahoreOkaraTemporary Suspend
304 DN Pak Business ExpLahoreKarachi Cantt15:30
120 DN Pakpattan ExpLahoreSamasata JNTemporary Suspend
122 DN Ravi ExpressLahoreShorkot CANT15:25
106 DN Rawal ExpressRawalpindiLahore04:45
402 DN Samjhota Exp *LahoreWagha08:00
124 DN Sargodha ExpressLahoreSarghodha16:15
152 DN Shah Latif ExpMalakwalLahoreTemporary Suspend
218 DN Shah SawarSialjotLahoreTemporary Suspend
116 DN Shah Shamas ExpLahoreMultanTemporary Suspend
28 DN Shalimar ExpressLahore JNKarachi Cantt06:00
104 DN Subak Khram ExpRawalpindiLahore11:50
102 DN Subak RaftarRawalpindiLahore21:20
230 DN Sultan Bahu ShoorkotLahoreTemporary Suspend
8 DN TezgamRawalpindiKarachi Cant13:2013:50
142 DN Tipu Sultan ExpFaisalabadLahoreTemporary Suspend
208 DN Waris ShahLahoreShorkot Jn12:30

* Only On Monday and Thursday
** Only On Monday and Thursday

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