Lahore To Narowal Train Timing Schedule Fare 2023

Check online all the information about Lahore To Narowal Train Timing as well as Schedule & Fare of train timing Lahore to Narowal 2023 from here. Daily two and some days 3 trains are operated between Lahore to Narowal. The name of these trains are Allama Iqbal Express, Faiz Ahmad Faiz Express & Lasani Express. Complete schedule of these trains are mention below.

Lahore To Narowal Train Timing

No Train Name From To Arrival Departure
23 Up Akbar ExpressQuettaLahore10:20
9 Up Allama Iqbal ExpKarachi CantSialkot10:1510:45
13 Up Awam ExpressKarachi CantPeshawar Cant05:5006:25
111 Up Badar ExpressFaisalabadLahore JN07:45
133 Up Dachi FastLahoreFaisalabadTemporary Suspend
205 Up Babu PassengerLahoreWazirabad JN16:40
177 Up Faisal ExpressLahoreFaisalabadTemporary Suspend
209 Up Faiz ExpressLahore JnNarowal18:30
37 Up Fareed ExpressKarachiLahore21:35
5 Up Green LineKarachi CantIslamabad14:1514:45
113 Up Ghouri ExpressFaisalabadLahore17:25
107 Up Islamabad ExpLahoreIslamabad18:00
39 Up Jaffar ExpressQuettaPeshawar07:5008:25
15 Up Karachi ExpressKarachi CantLahore11:25
41 Up Karakoram ExpKarachi CantLahore09:00
211 Up Khush KharamLahoreNarowalTemporary Suspend
1 Up Kheyber Mail Karachi CanttPeshawar cantt 19:1519:45
333 Up Koh-i-NoorLahoreNarowalTemporary Suspend
125 Up Lasani ExpressLahoreSialkot15:45
109 Up Margla ExpressLahoreRawalpindi23:30
147 Up Mari Indus ExpLahoreMari IndusTemporary Suspend
215 Up Mouj DaryaLahoreNarowalTemporary Suspend
115 Up Musa PakMultanLahore04:35
117 Up Multan ExpressMultanLahore21:10
219 Up Narowal ExpressLahoreNarowalTemporary Suspend
43 Up Night CoachKarachiLahore13:10
223 Up Okara PassengerOkaraLahoreTemporary Suspend
303 Up Pak Business ExpKarachiLahore09:15
119 Up Pakpattan ExpSamasata JNLahoreTemporary Suspend
121 Up Ravi ExpressShorkot CANTLahore07:30
105 Up Rawal ExpressLahoreRawalpindi00:30
401 Up Samjhota Exp *waghaLahore16:45
123 Up Sargodha ExpressSarghodhaLahore08:30
151 Up Shah Latif ExpLahoreMalak WalTemporary Suspend
217 Up Shah SawarLahoreSialjotTemporary Suspend
115 Up Shah Shamas ExpMultanLahoreTemporary Suspend
27 Up Shalimar ExpressKarachi CanttLahore JN00:25
103 Up Subak Khram ExpLahoreRawalpindi16:30
101 Up Subak RaftarLahoreRawalpindi07:00
229 Up Sultan Bahu LahoreShoorkotTemporary Suspend
7 Up TezgamKarachi CantRawalpindi12:4013:10
141 Up Tipu Sultan ExpLahoreFaisalabadTemporary Suspend
207 Up Waris ShahShorkot JnLahore11:00

Trains Timings Lahore To Narowal

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No Train Name From To Arrival Departure
24 DN Akbar ExpressLahoreQuetta17:00
10 DN Allama Iqbal ExpSialkotKarachi Cant11:3012:00
14 DN Awam ExpressPeshawar CantKarachi Cant18:2018:55
112 DN Badar ExpressLahore JNFaisalabad18:15
206 DN Babu PassengerWazirabadLahore06:50
134 DN Dachi FastFaisalabadLahoreTemporary Suspend
178 DN Faisal ExpressFaisalabadLahoreTemporary Suspend
210 DN Faiz ExpressNarowalLahore Jn07:10
38 DN Fareed ExpressLahoreKarachi06:00
6 DN Green LineMargalaKarachi20:0520:35
114 DN Ghouri ExpressLahoreFaisalabad09:00
108 DN Islamabad ExpIslamabadLahore22:20
40 DN Jaffar ExpressRawalpindiQuetta14:0514:40
16 DN Karachi ExpressLahoreKarachi Cant17:00
42 DN Karakoram ExpLahoreKarachi Cant16:00
212 DN Khush KharamNarowalLahoreTemporary Suspend
2 DN Kheyber Mail Peshawar cantt Karachi Cantt07:2007:50
334 DN Koh-i-NoorNarowalLahoreTemporary Suspend
126 DN Lasani ExpressSialkotLahore09:25
110 DN Margla ExpressRawalpindiLahore04:00
148 DN Mari Indus ExpMari IndusLahoreTemporary Suspend
216 DN Mouj DaryaNarowalLahoreTemporary Suspend
118 DN Multan ExpressLahoreMultan23:45
116 DN Musa PakLahoreMultan16:00
220 DN Narowal ExpressNarowalLahoreTemporary Suspend
44 DN Night CoachLahoreKarachi19:00
224 DN Okara PassengerLahoreOkaraTemporary Suspend
304 DN Pak Business ExpLahoreKarachi Cantt15:30
120 DN Pakpattan ExpLahoreSamasata JNTemporary Suspend
122 DN Ravi ExpressLahoreShorkot CANT15:25
106 DN Rawal ExpressRawalpindiLahore04:45
402 DN Samjhota Exp *LahoreWagha08:00
124 DN Sargodha ExpressLahoreSarghodha16:15
152 DN Shah Latif ExpMalakwalLahoreTemporary Suspend
218 DN Shah SawarSialjotLahoreTemporary Suspend
116 DN Shah Shamas ExpLahoreMultanTemporary Suspend
28 DN Shalimar ExpressLahore JNKarachi Cantt06:00
104 DN Subak Khram ExpRawalpindiLahore11:50
102 DN Subak RaftarRawalpindiLahore21:20
230 DN Sultan Bahu ShoorkotLahoreTemporary Suspend
8 DN TezgamRawalpindiKarachi Cant13:2013:50
142 DN Tipu Sultan ExpFaisalabadLahoreTemporary Suspend
208 DN Waris ShahLahoreShorkot Jn12:30

* Only On Monday and Thursday
** Only On Monday and Thursday

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