Lahore To Haveli Lakha Train Timing Today & Ticket Price 2024

Check the online Lahore To Haveli Lakha Train Timing Today & Ticket Price for the year 2024 from this page. If you’re planning a journey from Lahore to Haveli Lakha by train, it’s essential to have accurate information about the train timings as well as ticket prices. Knowing the schedule helps you plan your trip efficiently and ensures a smooth travel experience. In this article, we’ll provide you with the Lahore to Haveli Lakha train timings. Here Lahore to Haveli Wasawewala train ticket price & timing are also available.

Lahore To Haveli Lakha Train Timing Today

The Bolan Mail Express is the primary train connecting Lahore to Haveli Lakha, offering various seating options to cater to different preferences and budgets. Let’s take a look at the train ticket prices for different classes:

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BirthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Bolan Mail ExpressRs. 2580Rs. 3680Rs. 6245Rs. 7220Rs. 8540

Now that you know the ticket prices let’s delve into the train schedule, ensuring you’re aware of the departure times from each station.

 Train Timings

  1. Lahore Junction – Start of the Journey
    • Departure Time: 06:00
  2. Walton Station
    • Arrival Time: 06:16
    • Departure Time: 06:20
  3. Kot Lakhpat Station
    • Arrival Time: 06:28
    • Departure Time: 06:29
  4. Raiwind Junction
    • Arrival Time: 06:54
    • Departure Time: 07:00
  5. Kasur Junction
    • Arrival Time: 07:32
    • Departure Time: 08:05
  6. Khudian Khas Station
    • Arrival Time: 08:35
    • Departure Time: 08:39
  7. Usmanwala Station
    • Arrival Time: 08:50
    • Departure Time: 08:53
  8. Kanganpur Station
    • Arrival Time: 09:13
    • Departure Time: 09:15
  9. Mandi Ahmad Abad Station
    • Arrival Time: 09:37
    • Departure Time: 09:38
  10. Basirpur Station
    • Arrival Time: 10:05
    • Departure Time: 10:08
  11. Haveli Lakha – Final Destination
    • Arrival Time: 10:35

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Lahore To Haveli Lakha Train Timing Today & Ticket Price 2024


  1. What are the ticket prices for Bolan Mail Express from Lahore to Haveli Lakha?
    • Ticket prices vary based on the class. Economy Seat starts at Rs. 2580, while A.C Sleeper is Rs. 8540.
  2. When does the Lahore to Haveli Lakha train, Bolan Mail Express, depart from Lahore Junction?
    • The train departs from Lahore Junction at 06:00 in the morning.
  3. How long does the journey take from Lahore to Haveli Lakha by Bolan Mail Express?
    • The travel time depends on the stops, but the train reaches Haveli Lakha by 10:35.
  4. Can I buy tickets for Bolan Mail Express at the station, or do I need to book in advance?
    • It’s advisable to book tickets in advance to secure your preferred class and ensure a smooth travel experience.

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