Korea National Railway Kyrgyz Railway Sign MOU

On July 26, a memorandum of agreement was signed with Kyrgyz Railways, according to Kim Han-young, chairman of the Korea National Railway, who made the announcement at the Korea National Railway office.

On July 26, Korea National Railway stated that it had inked an MOU with Kyrgyz Railways for mutual cooperation, which would include a signal modernization project at Balykchy Station.

Through this MOU, the two organisations will collaborate on a variety of projects together, including the renovation of the Balykchy Station signal. They will also create and run a working group for systematic railway collaboration.

In order to secure the project contract and have the Balykchy Station signal modernization project approved for the 2025 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Official Development Assistance (ODA) project, the Korea National Railway plans to carry out its own feasibility study in the second half of this year. In Kyrgyzstan, Balykchy Station serves as the northern railway line’s endpoint.

The chairman of the Korea National Railway, Kim Han-young, expressed his hopes in the following manner: “With the signing of this memorandum of understanding, we hope that exchanges and cooperation on railway projects between the two countries will continue to expand.”

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