Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price 2023

Here in this post, all the details are available for Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price 2023. Check all train ticket prices. There is a total of 6 trains that travel from Karachi to Islamabad on daily basis. The names of the trains are the green line train, Rehman Baba Express train, Pakistan Express, Awam Express, Tezgam Express & Khyber mail Train. All these trains are managed by Pakistan Railway Ministry.

Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price Green Line Train:

It is the fastest train service on the line, traveling the distance between the two cities in just 21 hours and 20 minutes. Green Line provides AC Business and Economy classes for Rs 5900 and Rs 2300, respectively.

Rehman Baba Express:

It is designed for travelers of lower classes who want to travel on a budget between cities. You will complete the course in approximately 22 hours, and 30 minutes, with 28 stops and stations. A railway ticket in economy class costs Rs. 1,500, while a sleeper and seat cost Rs. 1,400.

Pakistan Express:

It takes 26 hours to travel between the cities. It only offers economy class, and the ticket price is the same for a bed and a seat at Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 1,400 yen.

Awam Express:

It takes 29 hours and 50 minutes to get from Karachi to Islamabad. Business/AC Class and Economy Class passenger train tickets cost Rs 3800 and Rs 3800, respectively. Seats and beds cost 1,450 and 1,550 rupees, respectively.

Tezgam Express:

Another passenger train travels between Karachi and Islamabad every day. The cost of an AC Business ticket is Rs. 5050 AC Lower/Standard costs Rs. 4,050, Standard AC sleeper costs Rs. 6,800, Economy Sleeper costs Rs. 1,650, and Economy Seat costs Rs. 1,550.

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Khyber Mail:

Arrival at the destination is scheduled for 5:15 AM, leaving Rawalpindi at 1:55 AM. The cost of a Kyber Mail ticket is as follows: Business of air conditioning = Rs. 4,750 AC Minimum Requirement = Rs. 3,800 AC Economy: Rs. 1550 seats and Rs. 1400 sleepers; Sleeper: Rs. 6,650.

Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price 2023

S.NO Train Name Code AC Standard AC Business AC Sleeper Economy (Fare Seat)
1 Khyber Mail 2DN 6200 7150 9500 2550
2 Pakistan Express 46DN 5900 6550 N/A 2500
3 Tezgam 8DN 5700 7600 10000 3350
4 Awam Express 14DN 6200 N/A N/A 2550
5 Sir Sayyed Express 36DN
6 Rehman Baba Express 48DN 6950 7850 N/A 2550
7 Green Line 6DN N/A 8150 N/A 3250
8 Hazara Express 12DN 6200 N/A N/A 2550

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