Israel Plans to Lay Railway Line to Saudi Arabia

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has recently unveiled proposals for a substantial expansion of the country’s rail network, with an estimated budget of $27 billion. The overarching objective of the big project is to establish connectivity between distant regions and Tel Aviv, with the potential for future expansion toward Saudi Arabia.

The declaration follows recent official visits by US representatives to Saudi Arabia, indicating potential progress towards establishing formal relations between the Middle Eastern nation and the state characterized by apartheid policies.

In light of the prevailing political uncertainty in Israel, which has engendered economic disruptions and caused concern among its Western friends for a duration of seven months, Prime Minister Netanyahu is prioritising infrastructure initiatives, notably the “One Israel Project.”

The objective of this initiative is to minimise the duration of travel to primary commercial and governmental regions to less than two hours.

During his televised talk, Netanyahu expressed the potential for future advancements in transport infrastructure, specifically highlighting the prospect of utilising rail systems to facilitate the movement of products from Eilat to the Mediterranean. Furthermore, he mentioned the potential extension of railway services to Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula.

Bezalel Smotrich, the Finance Minister of Israel, conveyed a positive outlook regarding the potential operationalization of a high-speed rail project spanning from the northern to the southern regions of the country during the coming decade.

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