Iqra University BS and PharmD Scholarships 2023

The H9 campus of Iqra University in Islamabad has announced merit-based scholarships for students in all undergraduate programs. These scholarships, which can cover up to 100% of tuition, are given based on the student’s performance in their Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or similar exams. In addition, a 5% scholarship for students from Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir who match the eligibility conditions has been offered.

Pharm D, BS Programmes in Data Science, International Relations, Social Sciences, Psychology, Economics, English, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Accounting and Finance, Media, Fashion Design, Textile Design, and BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) are all available on merit.

Scholarships will be awarded based on academic merit, with prizes ranging from 70% to a full fee remission for high-achieving students. The merit list is compiled based on students’ achievement in the HSSC exams. The scholarships are offered for all undergraduate programmes, and the eligibility criteria are based on students’ HSSC/Equivalent exam performance.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the scholarships, students must meet the following criteria:

1. Pharm-D Program:

  • 100% Scholarship: 98% and above
  • 75% Scholarship: 95-97.99%
  • 50% Scholarship: 90-94.99%
  • 25% Scholarship: 85-89.99%
  • 10% Scholarship: 80-84.99%

2. BS Programs (DS, IR, SS, Psy, Eco & Eng):

  • 100% Scholarship: 95% and above
  • 75% Scholarship: 90-94.99%
  • 50% Scholarship: 85-89.99%
  • 25% Scholarship: 80-84.99%
  • 10% Scholarship: 75-79.99%

3. BS Programs (CS, SE, AI, Acc & Fin, Media, FD, and TD), BBA:

  •  100% Scholarship: 95% and above
  •  75% Scholarship: 87-94.99%
  •  50% Scholarship: 80-86.99%
  •  25% Scholarship: 75-79.99%
  •  10% Scholarship: 70-74.99%

How to apply

  • To apply for these scholarships, students must ensure that their HSSC/Equivalent scores are correct at the time of enrollment. They must upload relevant documentation as verification of their academic achievements. In addition, applicants must take the university’s admittance test, which is an important stage in the selection process.
  • Following the completion of the screening process, selected candidates will be given the option to submit applications for scholarship consideration. Scholarships will be given out based on the criteria provided, maintaining transparency and justice throughout the process.
  • Prospective students can contact the Admission Office at Iqra University Islamabad H9 Campus for more information and guidance:

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